Being in the fashion business for over 20 years, people frequently want my suggestions on what they should wear and how to go about wearing it, what trends they should purchase and what’s completely out of fashion.

As someone who is a fan of fashion for its self-expression and its capacity to speak for its wearer and tell the world how the person feels I’m always hesitant to dictate to anyone what they should wear their clothes or enforce any rule. In my opinion, as far as fashion is concerned, wearing what you like and how you feel you is the most fundamental.

But, there are a few tricks, tips and hacks that I’ve learned over the years. From that necklace which elevates basics to regular clearing-outs and changing room mantras (‘thou should not buy on impulse’), they help me in buying things or getting dressed at the beginning of the day, regardless of whether I am working from home or preparing to return to a new and brighter world post lockdown.

1.) Keep Simple

Learn from the best – starting with Sade up to Coco Chanel. Like Mademoiselle Chanel once said: ‘Before you leave the home, glance in the mirror and remove one thing.’ A ‘base’ of core items helps.

Everyone has their own version of what it means but white shirts with a great cashmere sweater (try COS) and a well-cut trench make an excellent investment. I can wear them time and time again. Also buy Sweatshirt for kids.

2.) The Fit Is Everything

You know that woman who is always dressed to impress? You’ll notice that her clothes are a good fit. Contrast that with clothes that don’t fit for example, a flabby hemline, an over-tight polo-neck, for instance – could make a difference in the first impression.

Taking the time to pay attention to fit is a guaranteed way to add polish. You must ensure:

  • It is where the seam of your shirt will hit your shoulder
  • A skirt zips up easily.
  • The back of your shoe is where a shoe will meet. of your heel.

It’s subtle, but these small factors make a huge difference. A great tailor is your best friend in this situation. I often purchase clothes and alter them in Rosario Tailoring in Savile Row.

3) Choose A Graphic T-Shirt That reflects how You Feel

Graphic T-shirts may be the epitome of a sartorial statement , whether you’re expressing your musical preferences (a Beychella T-shirt) or recent boxsets (a “La” T-shirt by Philip Normal).

Choose organic cotton if possible to ensure your outfit is lasting and durable. If you’re not a pro at the art of dressing in this manner Don’t assume that graphic T-shirts must be worn with sneakers and a plaid shirt. The celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski enhance their outfits by wearing high-waisted pants as well as ankle-high boots.


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