White-label SEO

With the continual growth of various industries despite the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, it became a necessity for countless businesses to have a considerable edge over market competitors. Providing exceptional customer experience will attract prospects to the brand, but so is an effective marketing strategy. For many decades, placing advertisements on traditional media like television and newspapers has been the prime way of reaching the public. But the rapid expansion of technology in recent years gave companies a new platform to engage with existing and prospective clients.

Accelerated by the need for lockdowns in the past year and a half, the steady advancements in the digital world allowed enterprises to develop and scale their marketing campaigns efficiently. Utilizing online platforms like search engines and social media will enable organizations to publicize their goods and services to a broader audience.

Various digital marketing strategies have been introduced over the years; each has its own purpose in helping the business grow. Among them, one of the popular tools that numerous companies integrate into their projects is the use of search engine optimization (SEO). This marketing strategy helps enterprises bring their brand to their targeted audience and drive organic traffic to their websites or social media accounts.

Research made by Hubspot showed that more than 60% of marketers consider SEO as more effective in generating traffic than other marketing initiatives available. In addition, 70% of them also said that SEO is better than pay-per-click (PPC) advertising for bringing sales to the brand.

But SEO markets are highly volatile, and wanting digital marketing companies who are looking to improve their SEO efforts on their own might make or break the marketing initiative of their client. This is why many marketing firms get help from a leading white-label SEO company to help with the heavy workload that comes with top-notch SEO campaigns.

What is a White Label SEO Agency?

White-label SEO services allow digital marketing companies to outsource their SEO activities for a specific period. These third-party providers usually do the heavy workloads in a project by meticulously planning and implementing the strategy that will help the client be at the top of the rankings. The help of readily-available managers and staff will ensure that they can immediately plan and execute powerful SEO operations.

Why Hire a White Label SEO Agency?

One of the benefits of outsourcing the SEO work is that white-label SEO agencies ensure that they will deliver desired results for the clients without compromising the brand of the digital marketing firm. Working with top white-label SEO providers will ensure that the brand will gain the top results in search engines, something that will bring tons of traffic to their website. In addition, it will be easier for the SEO campaign to scale up or scale down based on the current results and the marketing needs of the clients.

How Should a Suitable White Label SEO Agency Execute its Services? 

With Google dominating the search engine consumption, being on the top results of this platform has always been the priority for SEO providers. However, apart from integrating PPC ads, the SEO efforts will only pay off if the SEO work is executed correctly in the fastest time possible. That is why it is vital to look at how white-label SEO agencies implement their projects to ensure that they will suit the client’s needs.

The first step that white-label companies should take is to conduct preliminary consultation with the digital marketing company. Their project managers should be able to gather all necessary information and expectations as it helps make sure that their SEO work is results-oriented. Moreover, they need to perform initial SEO audits and website health checks on the client’s website. This will help them assess how the website is performing at the moment and determine the issues it is facing.

Once done, they should be able to submit a thorough SEO recommendation report. This should include a comprehensive plan on how the goals should be achieved and a keyword research summary that will be helpful for the brand. That means the agency should have ready-made solutions that can help deliver desired results. If there is none, the company should be able to formulate a new plan that will cater to the project’s needs.

After this, the project should be efficiently delegated to specialized teams of marketing experts. The staff should be able to give comprehensive schedules which include milestones and updates from the project.

What Services Should You Receive from Your White Label SEO Agency?

Apart from a complete website audit and health check done before the project commences, there are other necessary services that white-label SEO companies should provide for the client. As stated earlier, keyword analysis will play a massive role in SEO work.

The keywords submitted should be adequately organized and is formulated based on the targeted audience. The firm should also have effective link-building practices, where relevant high-authority websites will be connected to the website.

The agency should also be able to curate high-quality contents that will attract consumers to the client’s website. These contents must contain backlinks and keywords that will help the website rank higher in the search results. They should also give consistent updates and analytics about the campaign’s performance against market competitors.

What Should You Look for in a White Label SEO Agency? 

There are tons of white-label SEO in the market which offer the services mentioned above. However, various factors determine which is the best among them and which will fit what the clients need in their marketing campaigns.

A good indication that the white-label SEO company can bring desirable results is by looking at the agency’s reputation with its past customers. Usually, there are raw feedback, reviews, and stories posted on their websites, which is a sign that digital marketing companies can trust the agency for their SEO operations.

To learn more about finding a suitable white-label SEO provider for your brand and how a leading SEO agency in the Philippines can help, check this infographic from Digital Marketing Philippines

White-label SEO


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