Marriage is a legal union that exists between a man and his wife or girlfriend. Family stability and civilized culture are built on the basis of marriage, which is considered holy. First and foremost, marriage provides a sense of stability and social standing to the couple and their children. By all means, the Marriage Institution dictates that a legally married couple must live together, sharing both their sorrow and their happiness. When a marriage does not work out, it is important to get help as soon as possible. Most reputable Matrimonial Dispute Lawyers in Chennai will help you resolve any Family disputes.

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What is a Matrimonial Dispute and how does it occur?

The social environment in contemporary India has evolved at an alarmingly fast pace. Individuals in India are no longer guided by the outdated guidance of “adjustment” ideas at this point in time. In India, this leads in disagreements between a man and his wife, which are referred to as marital conflicts. In India, matrimonial conflicts may result in both civil and criminal litigation, depending on the circumstances. Our attorneys for mediation in family and marital issues may assist you in resolving marriage problems that have arisen.

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Distinct faiths in India have different divorce rules, which are explained here. Hindus are required to observe the Hindu Marriage Act. Muslims are bound by Islamic marital law. In the event of inter-religious marriage, a Special Marriage Act is now being proposed. Find the Best Family Lawyers in Chennai who practise Muslim law. You need a good experienced family court lawyer in karkardooma court who can fight your case with full dedication.

There are many different reasons for marital disagreements.

In the literal sense, marital problems may arise for any number of reasons. It may be caused by physical or verbal abuse, alcoholism or drug addiction, unhappiness, or any number of other factors.

The following are the most frequent reasons for divorce in India:


Infidelity is one of the most common causes for divorce, according to statistics. If a spouse has a connection with another man or woman, then the spouse is not in a committed relationship with the other person. There is an issue with the marriage at the moment.

Domestic Violence

The use of domestic violence as a justification for divorce is widespread. It is an unpleasant and aggressive conduct shown by members of the family. Of course, it may manifest itself in both physical and mental ways. When this happens, it causes unwelcome tension in a couple’s relationship. Meet the top criminal defence attorneys in Chennai who specialise in domestic violence cases.

Over Possesiveness/Control

Control or being over possesive can be destructive to a marriage if it is exercised excessively. Wanting things done your way all of the time may lead to divorce.

Money & Financial Situations

Having one partner who is a spender and the other who is a saver increases the likelihood of having financial problems in a relationship. Divorce is caused by disagreements in one’s goals and views, which causes a breach in the marriage.

Absence of a Sense of Responsibility

Men often fail to demonstrate a level of devotion to their marriage partnership. They are not genuine in their relationship with their spouse. The reasons for breaking up with a committed partner are many and varied. This way of thinking eventually results in marital discord and divorce.

A lack of effective communication

In today’s contemporary society, both couples work and are parents of young children. They do not set out time for constructive conversation with one another. They are preoccupied with matters pertaining to their workplace, family, and finances. Because of a lack of communication, the couple may be disappointed in their relationship. The majority of marital conflicts can be avoided through effective communication and prompt resolution of distress.

In India, there are several legal options for resolving matrimonial disputes.

The following are some of the legal remedies available in India for family and matrimonial disputes that can be resolved through mediation.

Reprieve from the loss of conjugal rights

Consider the scenario in which either the husband or the wife decides to withdraw from the other’s presence. It is possible that this is due to unforeseen circumstances. The party that has been wronged may file a petition with the court to get their marriage rights restored. Find and choose the best Restitution of Conjugal Rights Lawyer in Karkardooma Court by Contacting us.

The primary goal of this treatment is to bring a couple back together once it has been alienated for any cause.

The petitioner must provide evidence of the following:-

Specifically, the petitioner must demonstrate that his or her spouse has left the society.

The petitioner must demonstrate that the withdrawal was made without a reasonable or legal basis.

There should be no additional legal issues that arise as a result of the denial of marital rights.

The truth stated by the petitioner in his petition should be sufficient satisfaction for the court.

What is Judicial Separation?

As a matter of fact, judicial separation is a legal separation that does not result in divorce. Meanwhile, judicial separation is the last stage before a legal separation or divorce may be finalised.

In a marriage, there may be disagreements, stress, anxiety, and apprehension, to name a few things. This, however, should not result in the dissolution of the marriage.

Even after a court separation, the marriage is still legally binding. The cohabitation of a couple is affected by their judicial separation.

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After the court order/decree is issued, a spouse/petitioner is no longer required to reside with her or his husband or wife. A spouse may seek judicial separation for any of the reasons listed in the Hindu Marriage Act’s divorce provisions, which are included in Section 13.

What is Annulment of Marriage?

In India, it is possible for a marriage to be solemnised via deception or fraud. Marriages may take place even if one or both of the couples is previously married. The annulment of a marriage is a huge relief for the person who has been wronged. A petition for annulment of marriage may be filed by the party who feels they have been wronged.

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Find the best Annulment of Marriage Lawyers in Karkardooma Court, Delhi. They are well-versed in dealing with such situations. The marriage is declared null and invalid after the petitioner receives a decree of annulment from the court. According to the court, the marriage has not taken place in any way, shape, or form. The parties to the marriage are not classified as divorcees since they remain married.

Definition of Divorce

First and foremost, divorce is the separation of a husband and wife from one another. Furthermore, divorce is defined as the dissolution of a marriage. Divorce is no longer considered a social shame in our culture. Women are well-educated and financially self-sufficient. It is their desire to put an end to their suffering in their marriage that brings them to the courtroom.

Our legal system deals with the legal and financial problems that arise after a divorce. It does not deal with the social and emotional problems that arise as a result of divorce. It is entirely up to you whether or not to file for divorce. To put it another way. The majority of people believe that divorce is sought as a means of exacting vengeance on one’s spouse. It has an impact on more than just your children and family. However, because of the high frequency of divorces, it has an impact on society as a whole.

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First and foremost, a divorce may be obtained by mutual agreement between a husband and wife. In any event, this is done via the completion of documentation by both parties. By the same token, you may get a divorce by mutual agreement without having to go to court. Contact the Best Divorce Lawyers in Chennai for further information.

Matrimonial Disputes are handled by the best lawyers in Karkardooma Court

In addition, the goal of our legal system is to reduce the number of divorce cases. Fact is that friendship and mutual respect go a long way in a relationship, especially in a marriage. To put it another way, change and sacrifice are two additional elements for a successful relationship.

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Our Advocates have a proven track record of success in winning favourable judgments for their clients. In reality, our family court attorneys in Karkardooma Court are capable of negotiating financial settlements on our clients’ behalf via the use of arguments and appeals.

Our family law attorneys are equally adept at handling all of our marital litigation matters with ease. Finally, our Advocates in Chennai ensure that your case is handled with the greatest confidentiality and security. Contact one of our legal advisors now to schedule a legal consultation.


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