In the NBA, undrafted players are not something new as it is popular. When the game is near its final minutes, the undrafted NBA players normally play when the match is down. Because of the stacked rotation, other times, they don’t even get to play on the NBA hardcourt. 

Undrafted players do not mean that they are worthless. Other players do make the major opportunity through defying the odds. It is solely because of their talent and hard work; to become a household name in the NBA. 

The NBA, with some events, is all losing and winning. When one gets undrafted, he should not lose heart as it is part of the match.

Undrafted NBA players

It is not that the players in the NBA get to be undrafted then become to the ranking process each year. There have been those times in the history of the NBA where the top players went undrafted. Other players slipped via the cracks then became impactful, whereas several players did not manage to the league for some reason. Now you get started to know about some of the best undrafted NBA players. 

Jose Calderon

 Everyone has had about him as he is regarded as one of the best shooters of all time. From the free-flow line, he shot a career of 87.3% and 40.7% from three. With shooting 98.1% from the line the whole year, Calderon also had the major free-throw shooting period in 2008. 

He averaged 5.8 APG in his career, then played 14 seasons in the NBA as the best playmaker. It does not matter the time he got undrafted; there is no doubt showing that he is the greatest productive player out there in the world. 

Brad Miller 

Back in time, some people used to undervalue Brad Miller. He has a special skill set, such as the one who could score points in bunches when he gets hot. Through dropping 13.1 PPG with 8.2 RPG, Miller made his first all-star team by the Indiana Pacers in 2002. Then, he got involved with the Sacramento Kings and averaged 14.1 PPG and 10.3 RPG. Brad was a talented man that was required to be on the list but unfortunately went undrafted.

Jeremy Lin 

Jeremy Lin was such a good player which he managed to win the hearts of people. He got a mark for himself in the NBA other than having a hard time during his basketball career. His sole target was to play for his dream schools, although none took the talented guard.

When he registered 487 rebounds, 406 assists, and 225 steals in four seasons, he became one of the greatest basketball players in history. He also passes through to play for the Dallas Mavericks to make his NBA dream even when he has gone undrafted. 

Udonis Haslem 

He played only for a single NBA team and his current record holder of the longest streak. Other than being Sports undrafted, he is the best among the Miami Heat. Not only this, he is taken as the heart and soul of his team. Haslem is the ruler of offensive, defensive with total rebounds. 

Several people do not know this, but he is the only top among the best-undrafted players that became a rebound franchise leader. Because of many obstacles popping up in his game, he then went undrafted.

Fred VanVleet

Fred VanVleet also had a showing in college like the past players listed. He stayed for four years in Wichita state with an average of 10.2 points, 4.5 assists, and 3.3 rebounds. Turning down the offers from many NBA teams, he was selected to play for the Toronto Raptors in the summer match. 

He also showed major enhancement over the years and began averaging in double figures, and he still went undrafted. 

Avery Johnson  

Avery was the best player, and many people know this. With the Dallas Mavericks, he also became the best coach of the year. In his game, he managed to score 8800 points with 5800 assists. Not only that but also took an NBA title and the San Antonio Spurs. In total assists, he became the leader of all the undrafted players.

Robert Covington

You’ll be amazed to discover that not even one NBA team drafted him despite the best match he played. He may come out to be an essential asset for all the teams across the world as he is a polished player. He possesses some essential skills which he can play better with any system which the team runs. 

Although teams thought he lacked athleticism with NBA-style play. In his game played, he averaged 14.8 points, 7.4 rebounds, with 1.2 assists in one outing. Because of this, he managed to become undrafted. 

Bruce Bowen

Because of his potential to lock down opposing players, Bruce Bowen is taken as a San Antonio Spurs legend. He could not change people’s heads besides averaging 11.4 points, 5.5 rebounds, and 1.9 assists.  

There he also became the winner of the second NBA championship. Apart from having more efforts, he went undrafted. 

John Stark

He goes undrafted out of Oklahoma State. Starks played for only one year in the NBA in the Golden State Warriors before going overseas. Then he returned to the NBA to participate with the New York Knicks; his legacy like a player can turn forever. From 1991 to 1998, Starks averaged 14.1 points, 4.0 assists, 2.7 rebounds with 1.2 steals for the Knicks, although his effect was more important than that advertised.

He averaged twice figures scoring in seven of his eight seasons when he was in New York, supporting to lead the team back to the NBA Finals in 1994, closing a 21-year drought. But the Knicks lost in the Finals in seven games, and Starks managed to score 19, having over 20 points three times.


 The above are some of the best undrafted NBA players that are ranked the best for you. When you are betting on the NBA, you also have to pay heed to this as this has a large impact on the results.

Also, some known undrafted players defied the odds by making the best out of their opportunities. And as a result, they managed to become a household name in the NBA with their skills with hard work.


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