How to Get More Views Followers and Comments on Tiktok
How to Get More Views Followers and Comments on Tiktok

How to get more views Followers and Comments on Tiktok

Tik Tok is a hit video sharing app both kids and adults are crazy about. You will get the idea when you look at all the brands on its platform. Its popularity has increased so much that people want to create or just watch H-Movie on it, but they are facing one problem that they are not getting enough engagement in terms of views, reach, likes, comments and shares.

Mistakes to avoid on Tik Tok

Today I will tell you 3 mistakes that you should avoid on Tik Tok for more engagements.

Unique & Fresh Content

Please always remember to never copy any content from anywhere, especially the sound or the video. This is considered as stealing someone’s work, which is against the law. Copying someone’s work is important for a person if he does not know how to create new content and make it better. If you want to customize or add any new sound or video, it’s best that you start keeping your own library of sounds and videos first before copying anything else. Also, please do not use copyrighted material without permission from its owners.

No Abuses

We ask you to avoid uploading any video in which you abuse someone i.e. any caste, creed, sect, religion, gender etc. It will definitely spoil the goodwill of your Tik Tok channel and your image as everyone enjoys playing nice and harmonious with each other.


As the leading Social Video platform, we ensure not to allow you to upload any video that violates our community guidelines. Here are some guidelines and tips to help you grow your account on Tik Tok.- Do not upload music videos less than 3 minutes in length unless it’s a music video without sound. – We highly suggest that you don’t upload more than five videos at one time as this will result in a message from Tik Tok. – Videos with watermarks detract from the quality of Tik Tok so don’t do it!

How to Increase your watch time on Tik Tok

There are multiple methods to increase your Tik Tok watch time. Let us start with the easiest way that is just by using hashtags. Select the right hashtags across all your Tik Tok videos so as to make it easier for you to gain more views and consequently more likes. The second method is to increase your Tik Tok watch time by uploading high-quality camera shots. Make sure that the camera shots are well edited and have catchy background music for viewers who will be watching your video on Tik Tok.

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How to increase reach on Tik Tok

In order to increase your Tik Tok reach, you should try and make a video that is fresh and creative. The best way to do this is to start with something that has some sort of interesting factor at the beginning, so viewers can’t help but watch it to the end. Utilize hashtags on your video description as much as possible so that people find it easier faster.


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