In all the states that have legalized medical cannabis use, the essence is to help their patients get the relief they need. So, New Mexico has also joined them and wants its residents to benefit by acquiring an MMJ card. But not all Mexicans know how to get a medical marijuana card in New Mexico. Since this article is to enlighten you more on who qualifies and how the process is, we urge you to continue reading and be knowledgeable.

In NM, the Medical Cannabis Program was established under the Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act. And this was necessary to enable those with debilitating conditions to alleviate their symptoms. 

And the number of patients with the qualifying conditions is many.

According to the New Mexico Department of Health, the number of active patients in the state as of July 2020 was 92,295. And the top three illnesses were PTSD, cancer, and severe chronic pain. 

Now, we’ll apprise you on how to get a medical marijuana card in New Mexico.

Who Qualifies?

For patients, the state requires them to be eighteen (18) years of age or older. But if you’re a minor, you must use a parent or a guardian.

A patient must have New Mexico State ID as proof of residency. And the same with the parent/guardian. 


If you have a minor or an incapacitated patient you want to represent as a caregiver, you’ll first complete a Medical Cannabis Caregiver Application and send it to the state. However, there are several documents you must attach:

  • A copy of your ID issued by the NW state
  • A copy of your New Mexico’s driver’s license (the state also accepts a temporary one).
  • A copy of the minor’s birth certificate

A caregiver will undergo a background check, and this is to check if they have a record of being convicted of a felony.

While the registration fee is free, there will not be an annual charge for the caregiver in New Mexico. 

Book an Appointment

Although you may feel confident that you’re an eligible applicant for an MMJ card, you must get a doctor’s approval. That’s why you need to schedule a meeting with a qualified physician certified by the NM state. It’s also prudent to bring along your medical records for your Doc to look at. And this will help him diagnose you with medical weed. 

Get Evaluated

Once you consult your doctor, he will examine you, which should take between 10-15 minutes. During this time, he will ask questions about your ailments. And you too can ask anything you feel you need to know. Including the cannabis treatment you’re likely to receive.

If your doctor approves you, he will fill you a recommendation form for medical cannabis. And this is a crucial requirement that he will have to sign on the second page. You’ll use this document for your card application, which is the next step.

Start your Card Application.

Kudos for getting to this step. As this is the last thing that you need to do, it will be a simple process. Since you got approved by your physician, now it’s time to get registered with the state. So, you’ll fill a form as you follow the instructions given carefully. 

The MMJ card applicants in NW can only submit their applications in hard copy. Or mail them via the post to the New Mexico Department of Health Medical Cannabis Program.

Also, don’t forget to include;

  • your copy of your current driver’s license issued in NM. 
  • a copy of your NM ID
  • your physician recommendation bearing a signature 

Upon receiving the form application, the state will start processing your application. 

In New Mexico, MMJ cards for the patients and caregivers are valid for three years. And you don’t wait to renew your card after it expires, but it’s better and safer to do it from 30-90 days before your card expires. And this will enable you to continue with your medical cannabis program enrollment. 

 Allow 30 days of your card’s processing and five more days for cards delivery. And nothing should stop you from accessing the dispensaries in New Mexico for your weed products purchase. That’s how to get a medical marijuana card in New Mexico, and such a simple process. Right?

What’s the Amount of Medical Cannabis is a Patient Allowed?

An MMJ cardholder in NM can only purchase up to 230 units or 8 ounces of cannabis over three months. And you can find a precise breakdown of the required amount in the state program guide. These weed products include tincture oil, wax, capsules, and chocolate bars. The state also allows dried flowers products, and a unit equals a gram of this. 

Patients Can Send a Petition.

Residents of NM suffering from other medical illnesses other than what’s in the qualifying list set by the state can request an addition to the Board. And this gets to the Medical Cannabis Program department for processing. Then, they forward it to the Board and program it for the next meeting. 

During the public hearing, a petitioner may show evidence, and he should expect to answer some questions from the Board members. It’s crucial to give a good presentation as this time the Board might vote and give their recommendation. 

After the petitioner has done his part, the Advisory Board will later pass its decision to the Secretary of the Department of Health. They will deliberate and decide the outcome. Other public attendants can also participate by commenting or presenting reports to support or oppose the petition.

Can You Grow Weed in New Mexico?

Yes, you can. But growers must first apply and submit a Medical Cannabis Personal Production Application to the state. Along with this, they’ll have to attach a copy of their New Mexico driver’s license or state ID. Unlike the MMJ card application that’s free, here, an applicant has to pay $30 for the permit unless the applicant’s annual income is below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines.

A PPL card is valid for one year, and the renewal fee is similar to the application amount. Also, remember to submit your card renewal 30 days before it expires. 

In Conclusion 

We have appraised you on how to get a medical marijuana card in New Mexico, among other crucial things. Do you have a qualifying condition, and you live in NW? Get started, and unlock the maximum benefits of having an MMJ card.


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