lighten hair without bleach

How to lighten hair without bleach is a question asked by many people who are trying to make their dark hairs lighter. In fact, it is a growing trend in the beauty industry to use bleaching products that can lighten hair without bleach. This technique is very useful for those who have a very blond or reddish hair color. It helps them avoid damage that can be caused by the use of regular bleaches.

Basic Supplies In Your Home:

For starters, you need to have the basic supplies in your home. You will need two tablespoons of lemon juice and about a cup of water. The lemon juice is enough to do the job but you may also use other types of juices such as tomato or lime juice. You just need two tablespoons each of these juices and then you can add the rest of the ingredients that you need. One by one, put all of the ingredients into the spray bottle.

Start by using the lemon juice. The amount needed to lighten the color of your hair should be enough to lighten your entire head. However, if you need to lighten your eyebrows, use only a little. Continue applying the lemon juice throughout the day until the desired result is achieved. If this is your first time trying out this method on how to lighten hair without bleach, you might want to use a conditioner to make sure the conditioner is mixed well with the juice before applying it to your scalp.

Use Homemade Recipe:

Another ingredient that you will need in your homemade recipe for how to lighten hair without bleach is chamomile tea. You should also have a chamomile bottle in the house. The chamomile tea can be used as a replacement for lemon juice.Next, you will need to gather some baking soda and white vinegar. Mix the soda and vinegar in a container and pour it into your bottle.

Be sure that you use enough of the liquid so that all of the bleaching ingredients in your homemade recipe for how to lighten hair without bleach will be properly absorbed by your hair. Let the mixture sit for about an hour so that all of the chemicals will absorb into your hair and the hair color will lighten.

Making Your Homemade Mixture:

Another ingredient that you will need for how to lighten hair without bleach is lemon juice. If you are using the homemade recipe. How to lighten hair without bleach. Then you should have already put the lemon juice. Into a container and placed it in a cup. All you need to do now is to squeeze. The lemon juice into your scalp.

While you’re making your homemade mixture. Do this for about twenty minutes. So that you can get the most out of the chemicals in your lemon juice. After the first treatment. Your hair should naturally lighten with the use of the homemade mixture. Because the acidity of the lemon juice will help whiten your hair naturally.

You Will Need For How To Lighten Hair:

The last ingredient you will need for how to lighten hair without bleach is a mop or towel. Wet your hair and then dip it into the mixture. Simply rub the mixture through your hair and make sure that you continue to rub it. Through your hair until all of the chemicals have been effectively whitened through rinsing.

Your hair should lighten a few shades after the treatment. Through the use of the homemade mixture, lemon juice and a mop or towel. The results of how to lighten hair without bleach will be very noticeable. After you have done the treatment a number of times. Once you have completed the treatment and then rinse out. The mixture with warm water. You will have a great looking, healthy head of hair.


If you do not like the color of your hair to brighten up a bit, you can simply apply a temporary hair dye before you start using the homemade mixture to whiten your hair. Using a bit of conditioner on your hair before you use the mixture to rinse out the conditioner will also help to give your hair a healthy shine without getting a bright tone that you will be trying to keep off.



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