How to Look Great and Fashionable During Pregnancy

There are two schools of thought about maternity clothes. Some women like to conceal their pregnancy for as long as possible; other women prefer to celebrate their growing bellies and wear their pregnancy proudly. No matter which approach you like best, it’s easy to find stylish maternity clothes that work for you. It just takes a little practice.

#Stealth Maternity

When you’re dressing to draw attention away from your pregnancy, the most stylish maternity clothes you can find should be fitted or tailored in parts of the body that you want to highlight and loosely to skim the parts of the body that you want to deemphasize.

For instance, loose-fitting maternity kaftans designed for pregnant ladies are a great outfit to draw attention away from your baby bump without making it look like you’re trying too hard. You can wear them either as a one-piece or pair them with maternity leggings for a more sophisticated look. Also, opt for a dark print as it will also help attract attention away from your growing belly.

#Maternity Pride

If you’re proud of your baby bump, then you’re in luck! Designers have been hard at work making beautiful and witty clothing for the mom-to-be who wants all the most stylish maternity clothes. So if you’re in the maternity pride camp, you’ve got a ton of great options to choose from.

For example, maternity tops and tunics with cap sleeves and boat neck silhouette add a specialness to your baby bump. In general, if you’re not hiding your tummy, you should stick to longer-length tops and t-shirts with something interesting at the neckline. You can pick something that’s more fitted at the bottom to be sure that it’s long enough to cover your belly when you need it.

Secrets to Fashion During Pregnancy

Every woman internally has a desire to look her best at all times. Especially in the era that we are in, we have beauty and fashion talk all around us. Usually, you would think pregnancy gets you a break, and you don’t have to worry about what to wear or being judged. Wrong! All people who are familiar with you will ask how far along you are? Will ask to touch your belly, will tell you how wonderful you look even if you are in a t-shirt and jeans that barely fit. As if people weren’t full of enough criticism already, let’s be real here!

So just how will you look your best during this pregnancy? Here are the best tips to help you stay trendy and stylish during pregnancy.

Tip 1: Dress around your baby bump; don’t wear oversized clothes to hide your bump.

Tip 2: Don’t be afraid of color, coming close to seasons changing, and there are so many choices for maternity summer dresses and tops.

Tip 3: Horizontal stripes! Yes, horizontal stripes! They are a vital element in your maternity dressing. Dress them up or down. Celebrities seem to love them!

Tip 4: Booties and tennis shoes will be your best friend during pregnancy. You’ll be in style and comfort.

The last thing you want is to let go of yourself during pregnancy. We get it moms pregnancy sucks up a whole lot of energy out of you. Then there is the glowing face, and long locks of hair, and sudden full butt and chest. Use these to your advantage and make yourself look and feel your best. Flaunt it while you get it!


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