you must be aware of the fact that solar panels convert the Sun’s energy into electric power. But after you have installed it, you need to think about the maintenance of the system. You can also ask a professional if the solar panel needs maintenance, if yes then how many times you have to do it. The main rule is that to get better solar energy you need to keep the panels clean.  


Proper maintenance will ensure better performance, and the system will give service for a long time. Fortunately, solar systems have a lower maintenance cost, as the machine does not have moving parts that require lubrication or a process where you have to clean the dust. So, how to maintain a solar panel? Let’s find the answer in this article.


Do solar panels need maintenance? 


Solar panels require very little maintenance, so you can just let them be. The only thing the system need is, some light cleaning to make sure the debris, leaves, and dirt do not obstruct the sunlight. The only time you need extensive maintenance is during heavy snowfall, as inches of snow can damage the performance of the panels. Let’s find out more about the maintenance in the below tips.


Time-to-time inspection: 


Solar panels are placed on the rooftop, so they get prone to damage from the particles in the air. You need to inspect the panels frequently. You have to clean up pollen or dirt to ensure there’s no loss of power. You need to check the solar panels during climate changes. You can also look for solar panel maintenance near me on the internet to find a good service.


Cleaning and maintaining the solar panels: 


To increase the effectiveness of the solar panels, you have to keep them from snow, leaves, and dirt. Since the panels are made of glass, you won’t need to buy special cleaning tools. You can use a soft cloth to gently wipe the panels.


You must avoid using detergent-based cleaners; they can leave smudges and streaks that can decrease the light flow inside the panels. You can use rubbing alcohol, mixed with water to remove stubborn dirt or oily substances. For an easy job done, you can search for solar panel maintenance near me on the internet.


Ensure more sunlight is available: 


Solar panels are normally installed at a location, where the system can get better sun exposure. However, buildings and trees can grow over and give shade to the panels. So, you need to make sure that the position is right for the panels and that it gets better exposure to sunlight.


Check the components regularly: 


While you clean the panels, you also have to look for the mounting rack and the wiring. Check if there are signs of leaks or other damages. You have to look for frayed wiring, broken glass, and missing bolts too. Don’t try to repair it yourself, for this you need to search for solar panel maintenance near me on the internet and hire service.


You also need to check the power consumption. If you monitor the system regularly, and you find a fault, immediately call a solar panel maintenance service.



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