There are so many moments in life when one wishes they could freeze time or instances they want to relive. Whether it is the moment one gets a promotion, has a wedding, or meets a newborn, these instances are extremely significant and that everyone cherishes.In this article, you will learn How to Make a Video with Pictures.

One of the best ways to eternalize a moment in time is by taking a photo. Photos and videos are extremely helpful in numerous ways. Aside from helping people cherish extraordinary moments, business owners can also use them to build rapport with prospective clients.

People may be tempted to believe that making a video with pictures is a difficult process but that is far from the truth. Modern software allows everyone to craft videos in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, one can add music to their videos.

The impact of video on marketing is undeniable. According to Forbes, people will remember 95% of the content when they watch a video compared to when they read text. This statistic validates the importance of including video in marketing strategies. They help brands build a rapport with prospective clients, increase engagement, and subtly introduce relevant CTAs to clients. For small businesses with minimal budgets, finding an effective video-making tool is like striking gold.

This article offers a deeper insight into the tried-and-tested tips for curating videos with pictures and music. It also provides a step-by-step process for creating these videos.

Factors to consider before creating the video.

Learning how to make a video with pictures and music is very simple. One can select a few images and insert copyright-free music. However, this technique produces shoddy work that may make the wrong impression or fail to relay one’s passion for the project at hand.

Anyone can create high-quality, professional videos from the comfort of their homes. You just need a good photo video maker with music online. You can edit, add images in the video, add music, and many more to do with online picture video makers.

There are just a few factors to consider before making a video with pictures as listed below.

Carefully select and edit photos.

Even though high-resolution pictures are preferred to produce a masterpiece, it is not necessary to break the bank by seeking the best equipment on the market. Clear smartphone images will do for personal projects. Professional projects, on the other hand, may require the business owner to hire an experienced photographer to achieve HD photos.

A common mistake people make when choosing photos is neglecting the orientation of the pictures. Imagine a video with alternating landscape and portrait images. It may be hard to believe that the person invests time and money to create the video even if they utilized the best video-making software. For this reason, opt for landscape images on social media sites such as YouTube. When uploading to TikTok and Instagram, choose portrait images only.

Additionally, avoid duplicating generic images from the internet. Pick out images that are relevant to the intended message. This is particularly crucial for brands as they introduce a product, announce a launch, or educate the audience.

Editing is essential for elevating the quality of pictures further. It also enhances the coherence of the pictures. Focus on aligning the exposure of the images by adjusting their color, contrast, and saturation. There are many free editing tools available online such as InVideo.

Define how the video will look.

There are multiple ways to incorporate images into a video. The purpose of the video drives the type of video one ultimately creates.

A personal video featuring pictures of a family celebrating a birthday may be long. Making this video with pictures involves choosing relevant images and ensuring that each photo is shown for several seconds. Attention would be given to showing pictures with the birthday boy/girl in them.

Additionally, a professional video showcasing a new product range would require high-quality photos taken within a controlled setting. The images would be accompanied by text that briefly explains the products individually. Such videos should be short to capture the target audience’s attention.

Envisioning the final product before taking photos aids in minimizing the time and effort required to create the video.

Select the right music.

Music is a necessity. It sets the mood for the video and engages the audience. According to, one of the common elements of viral YouTube videos is the inclusion of music in the video.

Moreover, the music, just like the images, should convey the intended message. Imagine the ‘right’ song to put with a slideshow of a child’s birthday. People normally opt for the happy birthday song or a cheerful tune.

A deep dive into making a video with images and music.

The major steps involved in making a video from images are detailed below.

Identify an appropriate template.

Choose an online picture video maker based on the purpose and creativity of the project. Most tool offer templates that the client can use to simplify the process. Some come with in-built pre-made templates. If one has an idea of the video they want to create and cannot find a suitable template, they can choose the blank template option.

The templates vary based on the social media site to which the user will be uploading the content. Most YouTube-related templates are landscapes while those of Meta, Instagram, and LinkedIn are portraits.

Upload images.

At this stage, the pictures that were meticulously chosen and edited are uploaded. The size of files that can be uploaded may vary from one application to another. Generally, it is possible to upload high-resolution photos.

Append images to the timeline.

Add pictures one after the other to the timeline in the desired order. In case there is an error or a replacement needs to be made, there are options for removing a picture and replacing it.

Do not worry about the initial appearance of the image on the template. There are several options to change its orientation on the screen. These include applying filters, image resizing, additional editing tools, the inclusion of animations, and project color development. Furthermore, the Ctrl + Z option allows users to undo any unwanted effects.

Include music.

Most video-making tools offer a list of songs to embed in a video. These tunes cater to several moods and are sure to evoke various feelings among the audience. One can listen to each tune before making up their mind.

Additionally, the user can edit the audio. Editing options include trimming, looping, volume adjustment, and fading. Fading of the audio helps in indicating the beginning and termination of the video. Trimming allows the user to select the specific part of a song that is useful to the video. This is very helpful for short videos.

Video editing.

Users can also perfect the video by adding captivating effects, stickers, and text. Text is essential for professional videos. Do not forget to add transitions to the video to elevate the performance.

Export the video.

Finally, export the final product by downloading the video or sharing it on social media.

The video-making process is very straightforward and takes a matter of minutes with modern technology. It is possible to create unique, eye-catching videos with minimal experience in video editing. The tips include using well-edited, synchronized images, relevant music, and online video-making tools.


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