When it comes to choosing any Gemstone Jewelry, most people prefer to buy a ring because of its easy maintenance and comfortable attributes. A perfect ring gives you finishing touch to your outfit and enhances your beauty as well. One considers many things before buying a ring or other jewel accessory, such as the size of the jewelry, the type of metal, the price, etc. But the size of jewelry plays a crucial role in enhancing its wearer’s beauty and overall personality. The size of rings depends on your choice; first, you have to be clear that in which finger you want to wear the ring because all of our fingers have different sizes and importance as well. Here are some essential points that you should keep in mind while buying a ring.

The index finger

According to Vedic astrology, the index finger represents the air element and has the power to satisfy ego and our self-esteem. It also possesses the powers and attributes of the Jupiter planet.

Wearing the Larimar ring will be the best option for you on this finger to get the energies of the Caribbean Sea. Holding the Larimar in this finger will also help you eliminate the liver, stomach, and respiratory system problems and will boost the quality of leadership, wisdom, and spirituality.

The middle finger

It is believed the middle finger is recognized for functioning the brain, nerves, and bones. It also promotes your sense of responsibility. So you can wear the Moldavite Ring on this finger according to its size to balance your life soothingly. The crystal will help you enable all the Chakras in the body and provide you with serenity and a peaceful environment.

The ring finger

Astrologers say that the ring finger is directly connected with our heart and affects our feelings and emotions. Carrying the energies of the Earth elements, the ring finger symbolizes creativity and art. So wearing the Moonstone Ring on this finger makes you able to balance your emotions and feelings. In addition, moonstone helps to awaken kindness, forgiveness, and affinity towards others.

Moreover, wearing the Opal ring could be your second option in this finger, as the crystal stands for love, amplification, and positivity in the wearer’s life.

The little finger

The little finger comprises the elements of the water and earth. Therefore, this finger has the ability to boost our communication skills, public speaking, and voice clarity. Wearing the Turquoise Ring will help the users to solve all of these issues, as the turquoise has the power to stimulate the throat chakra.

The Thumb

Carrying the powers of the fire elements, the thumb is well known for enhancing the willpower and potential of the person. However, there is no suggested particular gemstone for the thumb, so you can hold any gemstone ring on the thumb according to your zodiac sign.

How can you measure the right size of a ring?

Here are some tips that you can use while measuring the size of a ring.

  • You can use the string or paper and wrap it around the base of your finger.

  • Take a ring and place it on a scale; the process will give you the exact size of the ring.

  • You can mark the point on the paper with a pen, which forms a complete circle.

  • Check the ring size chart online.

From where you can get the exact size of a ring

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