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Using the internet has become a necessity for many companies because all their operations and functionalities are not computerized. Some companies use the internet to improve their working processes and maintain the overall product quality. However, every technology or advancement also has drawbacks, the same as allowing internet use. Many business owners and managers have already confirmed that the internet is one of the tools that can comprehensively distract employees. It generally means time waste and poor performance. The employees spend most of their time exploring social media websites, socializing through different websites, watching movies, and involving in many other activities. In this way, they do not focus on their work duties. The main question arises about how to monitor internet usage with employee monitoring tools. The companies want to stop them from spending time on these distracting activities, which is possible only when they start using employee monitoring software.

  • As described earlier, the purpose of the internet is to improve operations and business activities. When the companies allow the employees internet use, they understand that the internet can also be used for personal needs. However, when employees start wasting time and delay in task completion, monitoring computer activities becomes necessary to avoid the distractions and emphasize the employees to spend the time in productive activities to improve overall performance.

The time that employees spend on using the internet.

  • Mostly, it can be more than your imagination and expectations.
  • While talking about the study conducted recently, more than ten hours in a week during business hours are wasted on unproductive internet use. And when the internet is distracting the employees at this large scale, using inappropriate and irrelevant websites can be increased a lot. So, the companies waste a handsome amount in paying for these unnecessary activities.
  • The experts think that many individuals spend their time on the internet mostly only for their entertainment. In this way, they compromise more on the performance of quality of work. Therefore, to monitor internet usage companies have started thinking about productivity monitoring software.
  • While talking about the experience of employee monitoring experts and professionals, the employees do not use the internet effectively to improve their performance and increase productivity. They spend more of their time on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Some go for news websites to keep them informed about daily politics, showbiz, and sports news. Factually, about 0.9% of total business hours in a week are wasted in these activities, which is huge while talking about other time-wasting activities.
  • The best free EMS software can monitor all these internet activities to overcome performance-based issues. However, only the best employee activity monitoring software can tell you about the use of Facebook, YouTube, shopping carts, news and sports websites, and other social media platforms on a specific computer.

How to deal with monitoring unproductive computer activities?

  1. Internet is one of the most productive tools in the current digital world. It provides all types of information, assistance, and support to the employees to complete the tasks effectively and efficiently. More importantly, many companies use the internet to improve workplace performance.
  2. To stop the employees from involving unproductive internet activities, we consider employee monitoring software the best. These monitoring tools have been popular in the world for a few years. However, the most beneficial feature of the best EMS software is recording all the websites with the time spent over there is available. It helps track the employees effectively and stops them to distract from other activities.
  3. Monitoring computer activities is one of those techniques that help manage the employees more effectively. With the help of productivity monitoring software, you can monitor the following activities that employees perform on their computers:
  • The websites, which a specific employee visits generally
  • The time, which he or she spends on that particular website
  • The times in which an employee involves in using unproductive websites.
  • On which computers, more unproductive websites are opened. It simply means the employees who use the internet more than others.
  • With employee activity monitoring software, every user has a unique username and password. So, with these monitoring tools, the companies remain informed about employees’ usernames.
  • The purpose of using the internet
  • Insights that help the organizations evaluate their employees and make necessary decisions.

How to monitor internet usage with employee monitoring software?

Many types and kinds of employee monitoring software are available in the market with different features and functionalities. The best EMS software can track all the internet activities related to generic websites, shopping carts, sports websites, and social media platforms. With these monitoring tools, you can also restrict the employees’ access to some websites. The productivity monitoring software also records the time that an employee spends on a website with time duration. This monitoring tool works effectively on all computers, whether these are installed in the office premises, employee’s home, or outside.

With employee activity monitoring software, managers can reduce unproductive internet use. They can also convince the employees to focus more on productivity.

What does employee activity monitoring software provide?

Well, many features and functions are available even with the best free EMS software. Overall, the biggest advantage is that you know about the most popular websites among your employees. It helps you control the access to these websites and insist the employees spend more time on their assigned tasks. The best employee monitoring software also generates reports related to internet usage. So, you can analyze the performance of all the employees and calculate their payrolls accordingly.

The reports generated through monitoring tools include:

  • The reports related to top websites, which employees use the most.
  • The list of websites that an employee opened at a specific time
  • Top social media platforms that employees open frequently.
  • Detailed information of all the open websites with time duration
  • A complete list of employees with internet use in a specific duration
  • And many more

An employee monitoring software allows employers to use some very beneficial functions. These tools provide you the information about all the websites, the latest trends developed among employees, and other important information to take necessary actions accordingly.

The contribution of productivity monitoring software to improve business

  • We have discussed one of the most important aspects of monitoring computer activities via employee monitoring software. We also understand its importance because the employees do not spend time on unproductive tasks when they are aware of their monitoring. The best EMS software also helps restrict access to some specific websites.
  • Here, we will discuss some other features of employee activity monitoring software to help businesses improve their performance. Let us start exploring them!

It improves productivity.

With employee monitoring software, productivity can be improved from 3% to 20%. This percentage has been calculated after calculating the time saved due to tracking internet activities and restricting internet access. The employees were wasting this time on unproductive internet use previously.

It saves money and company resources.

  • Yes, it is true. When you can calculate the payrolls after calculating their working hours and excluding wasted time on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, you save money. So, when employees will be informed about these deductions, they will spend their time improving their performance. In this way, the management will save resources.
  • According to the experts, only Facebook can waste 30% of the employee’s time. It simply means 30% less performance. So, you can save a huge amount of money by reducing unproductive time with productivity monitoring software.

It provides accurate information.

You can get the real picture of the organization by monitoring computer activities. More importantly, you can apply this information in numerous ways. The most significant aspect is that you can improve productivity by reducing time wastage during office hours.

Using monitoring tools means you can generate reports with the help of these solutions. These reports help you make policies regarding:

  • Improved work discipline
  • Employees’ engagement
  • Websites’ restrictions
  • Pinpointed traits (which can affect overall performance, employees’ productivity, time wastage, and distraction of employees during business hours.)

Final Words

So, if you are interested in using technology to improve productivity, you need to be very careful in engaging the employees positively. You can allow them to use the internet to improve their performance. However, tracking and monitoring remain important because, without checks, you cannot expect from your employees that they will perform exceptionally well. Rare cases are always there, but overall, monitoring computer activities is the most essential task to keep your employees focused and dedicated towards task completion and organizational goals and objectives.

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