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Banglore, the capital of K’taka, has been transformed into a picturesque and scenic hill station, and all credit goes to the monsoon. The city exudes immense beauty and is unquestionably a visual feast. Bangaloreans wake up to a pleasant morning, relishing the monsoon with chai and bhajiyas, besides those who need to prepare for a monsoon move. 

Indeed, moving is a complicated procedure, and the unpredictable weather conditions worsen things, making it more stressful. We have found that there has been a significant increase in the number of people who want to relocate from Bangalore to Chennai recently. Keeping that in mind, we thought of creating a blog to help individuals like you plan a seamless monsoon with professional packers and movers from Bangalore to Chennai. So let’s begin without any further ado: 

5 Tips to plan a rainy season move with professional packers and movers

  1. Choose the right time & date – The rainy season can pour cold water on your moving plan in case of poor planning. Moving date, time, and route matter the most when you choose to move during the monsoon. Hence, consider checking the weather forecast to experience an unaffected, seamless relocation.
  2. Waterproof packaging is a must – It is advisable to use waterproof packaging supplies to safeguard your valuable items from rain. Since reliable moving companies use water-resistant packaging materials, so you will not have to worry about that aspect.
  3. Choose a confined moving vehicle – When hiring packers and movers, ask them if they can provide you with an enclosed vehicle container. Vehicles with closed spaces protect your valuables from harsh weather and debris while in transit.
  4. Realtime tracking is important – Traffic congestion and poor road conditions during wet weather can delay the delivery of goods and extend the delivery timeline. If you want to be at ease, consider asking your shortlisted relocation company to provide you with a GPS tracking solution so that you can keep track of your relocation.
  5. Insurance cover is vital – Even while top-notch moving firms make every effort to ensure that their clients relocate in complete safety, moving during the monsoon season has some inherent danger. Therefore, it’s critical to be ready for the worst. So, engage a reputable moving company that offers you transit insurance protection. The moving company will cover all loss and damage that occurs during the journey, giving you a financial safety net.

Factors affecting rates of packers and movers from Bangalore to Chennai

Packers and movers charges in Bangalore depend on several factors, like distance, number, type of moving goods, type of carriage, type of insurance coverage, number of laborers involved in the process, packaging material, season, etc. 

The average estimated relocation charges from Bangalore to Chennai are as follows: 

  • 1 BHK –  ₹ 11,500 – ₹ 20,500
  • 2 BHK – ₹ 14,500 – ₹ 26,500
  • 3 BHK – ₹ 17,500 – ₹ 32,000

Smartly negotiate a shifting company with these THREE easy steps:

Home/office shifting is an expensive process. Although moving companies never come with a “Discount” label, there’s always room for negotiation. To experience a cost-effective relocation with reliable movers, consider the following:

  1. Plan Early – Begin your search for a relocation partner at least two months in advance, as you will have ample time to check their credentials, offerings, and services. 
  2. Various quotes in hand – Get no-obligation-free quotes from at least 5-6 top moving companies in Bangalore. Check and compare those quotes on the basis of their services and prices. 
  3. Get leverage in negotiation – Having quotes from multiple service providers will give you the upper hand during negotiations, making it a win-win situation. A relocation firm will find a middle ground by reducing the quoted rates as they don’t want to lose their potential clients to their competitors.

3 Tips to cut costs on your next move with reliable movers

  1. Purge – Declutter your home before the moving companies come to your place for inventory. Eliminating unnecessary, unused, or outdated items is one of the easiest ways to cut down on your moving expenses.
  2. Choose the best time to schedule your move – Relocation companies quote high on month-ends, weekends, and holidays due to high-moving demand. Hence, we advise you to plan a mid-week and mid-month move to avoid paying unnecessarily high charges.
  3. Opt for winter relocation – Because winter is considered an off-season for relocation companies, they offer great deals and discounts to encourage customers. So you can save up to 25%-30% by choosing a winter move.

Bottom Line 

Dear readers, we hope this information will help you to plan the smoothest monsoon move with professional packers and movers in Bangalore. Consequently, moving is one of the most stressful and tiring events, irrespective of its size, type, and nature. Hence, consider our piece of advice and don’t perform a DIY relocation, especially during the rainy season.

Safe & Happy Moving!




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