If a hard drive crashes and you lose the data contained on it, there’s no need to panic. Even though your files are gone, there are ways to recover them.

Hard drives are one of the most important parts of an average computer. They are used for storing data and information and the access to that data is crucial to your productivity making it imperative not to lose any of your important stuff. Hard drive failures can happen anytime, anywhere and in any manner. All these because of bad sectors on the disk and it is really difficult to recover data from a dead hard drive. hard drives may fail at times resulting in data loss and that could be a nightmare, so we’re here to provide  HDD Recovery Service  Data recovery Perth

There are some reasons for hard drive failures :

  • Manufacturer Default in Hard Drives
  1. Hard drive may failed because of improper voltage
  2. An interruption in firmware upgradation can cause Drive failure
  • Electronic failure in Hard Drives:
  1. Unreliable power source can cause failure in Hard Drives
  2. Irregular supply by UPS can cause failure in Hard Drives
  • Overheating in Hard Drives:
  1. Failure in CPU fans can cause failure in Hard Drives
  2. Improper ventilation can also damage Hard Drives
  • Mechanical Failures:
  1. Malware Attack can cause failure in Hard Drives
  2. Degrading over time can cause Failure
  • Corrupted Files:
  1. Use of Faulted apps can cause Hard Drive failures
  2. Fraudulent Shut downs cause Hard Drive failures

Before proceeding, please ensure that you have these things:

An Extra Computer: We know that the data recovery process will be performed on another computer. Writing data to the affected hard drive will only worsen its condition, but there are ways to reduce the damage done by unexpected write operations. To protect sensitive information from being deleted, we recommend that you use a special program to duplicate your files instead of writing them directly to disk.

Data Recovery Software:  Data recovery programs are essential if you want to recover your data. A good program can help get your files back or even help you find them before they’re lost forever. But a bad recovery software can be useless and even destructive – so don’t let an unreliable one bully you. Find out which ones work best with Data Recovery Perth.

HDD Enclosure Case (Optional):  An enclosure enables you to connect your internal HDD to another computer.  It provides faster data transfer than if you connected the drive-by USB or FireWire.

Here are the steps to Retrieve Data from Dead or Crashed Hard Drives

  1. Select a hard drive: Select a hard drive. The damaged HDD recovery service will automatically launch the hard drive data recovery. Then select an area for recovering the data by clicking on it and clicking “Start” to proceed.  When using this software, you need to copy the information and data from the damaged hard disk. Then you can view the recovered files on the screen. You can also check the file system, partition table and recovered files information.
  2. Scan the failed disk: After scanning the drive, you will be able to see all files present on your drive. You can also filter the files by categories like File Path and File Type. Scan the complete hard drive by specifying the drive where you have lost valuable data. Scanning will find any hidden/deleted files and return them to you in a manner that meets your needs, for example, with text or pictures.
  3. Preview and retrieve the lost data: Once the search has been completed, you can preview the items that have been found and select the ones you want to retrieve. Click “Recover” to get them back. When you search for your lost data, it turns out that it is not there anymore. That’s why we’ve made it convenient to preview the items that were found so you can get back what was yours.
  4. Contact Data recovery Perth Experts: If you have lost important files from your computer or mobile phone due to a virus, then you need to contact the experts. The Data Recovery Perth Experts (Recovery Squad) will help you in recovering all your lost data. We have been providing our services at affordable rates.

At The End

The most important thing to remember when it comes to recovering data from a damaged hard drive is that there is no way to guarantee that you’ll be able to recover any data. However, if you follow the steps above and use an external enclosure, your chances of salvaging your data from an otherwise defective hard drive will be much higher.


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