We have limited laptop storage that too fills up really quickly! This not only stops us from storing more data but also impacts the performance of our laptops. Overall, it makes our Windows Laptop sluggish! Well, what we can do to keep our storage minimized in our Windows Laptop. No, I am not asking you to buy extra storage! All you have to do is to make sure you have clean and concise data on your laptop. Sometimes, our laptop gets filled up with so many duplicate files like photos, videos, files, folders, and more which hampers the overall performance of our laptop.

By keeping our data crisp, clean, and concise, we can really boost our Windows Laptop performance again! But wait, how do you do it? Are you still following the old school method, wherein we used to check files one by one and delete them permanently?

Well, you might be amazed to know that there are software specially developed to find duplicate files or folders from your Windows PC that helps users delete them permanently. Yes, you heard that right!

In this blog, we are going to take the help of Duplicate Files Fixer for removing duplicating files from your Windows Laptop instantly with the help of easy steps. So, let’s get started.

How to Remove Duplicate Files Using Duplicate Files Fixer?

There are certain reasons why our Windows PC is filled up with duplicates and to save the storage and to balance the performance of our PC,  we really need to remove them on an everyday basis. Some of the reasons are:

  • Copying files multiple times
  • Storing multiple files at the same time
  • Saving the same file or folders again and again indifferent locations on your Windows Laptop

The fact is that we cannot regularly find them or delete them. Therefore, we need software that does it all automatically. We have taken the help of Duplicate Photos Fixer here to instantly remove duplicate files and folders from our PC.

Introduction to Duplicate Files Fixer


Duplicate Files Fixer is one of the best software developed for finding and removing duplicate files. This amazing software is developed by Systweak Software. The results provided by this software are 100% accurate and you don’t need to worry, this software will help you in cleaning up the mess quickly!

It is specially designed on different algorithms that compare files and folders on the basis of their content. This feature makes it different and best among all software. Not only this, but this software also helps in excluding the files and folders during the scanning process, in case you don’t want the desired folder to be scanned.

One of the best features of this software is that it is equipped with an auto-mark tool that allows users to choose duplicate photos manually and delete them after reviewing them. Additionally, the algorithm of this software is also based on the creation date, file name, same file names, file size, and similar modified data which helps users in finding duplicate files or folders with 100% accuracy.

Talking about the price, the good news is that it can be used for free and purchased versions as well. Additionally, this software can also be used for Android and Mac users. This software really works amazingly on Dropbox and Google Drive. This software is really easy to use and comes with an easily understandable interface. It is designed in such a way that it attracts users and helps users in finding duplicates easily and instantly.

Steps to Use Duplicate Files Fixer

After understanding the basic information about the Duplicate Files Fixer, it’s time to get hands on it. you can follow the below-mentioned steps for using Duplicate Files Fixer on your Windows PC.

If you’re using Mac or Android, the same steps can be followed.

  1. Begin the process by downloading and installing this software on your windows Laptop. We always recommend using the legit link or site, hence, you can also take the help of the below link for downloading.

Download: Duplicate Files Fixer

  1. After downloading and installing, launch the software on your PC. please note that this software can be used for personal and professional purposes. In order to launch this software, you will have to follow the on-screen instructions and then go to the home page.
  2. After reaching the home page of the software, begin the scanning process by selecting scan mode. Additionally, you can also select the location like Computer, Google Drive, or Dropbox.  You can select the modes according to your preferences. After selecting everything, now you will have to add or select the folders that need to be scanned. Additionally, you can also exclude files or folders that you don’t want to be scanned.files-scanned
  3. You can also use the Drop and Drag feature for adding files or folders for beginning the scanning process. After selecting everything, hit the “Scan” button and wait for a while.
  4. After the scanning is completed, preview the scanned files and folders, and if you want you can delete them directly from the window as well. Herein, you can also take the help of the auto-mark feature.

I hope this blog helps you with removing duplicate files from your Windows Laptop using Duplicate Files Fixer easily and instantly. You can also review this software from the download page.

Thanks for reading!


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