renovate the entrance
renovate the entrance

The entrance to a house is the first place your guests see when they return home. Location of reception, this room is also intended to be functional and design. Also, it is essential to decorate it with care and bring elements that resemble you and correspond to your lifestyle. How to create an entrance when your house or apartment does not have one? What are the best practices in terms of room layout and decoration? Decryption, ideas, and advice in the article.

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How to renovate the entrance when your house does not have one?

If we see it in most old houses, the entrance has gradually disappeared from modern homes, which, for the sake of optimizing space, have preferred to do without it. Nevertheless, this room remains a necessary and practical place within a home. Would you please take the opportunity of a renovation to create one when it was not planned initially? Here are some tips for decorating it with style.

Create a real separation

Do you want to delimit the hard space to benefit from a closed entrance, an actual small room in its own right? You can then decide to install existing partitions to isolate the entrance from other living rooms. However, be careful not to clutter up the volumes: it is sometimes better to opt for a glass roof which, while providing a decorative and design touch, allows you to delimit your entrance while allowing light to pass through. If it is well done, this solution will be the most beautiful effect and contribute to your home’s decoration! A niche opens to the kitchen or living room can also work well.

Install a screen

Mainly used for decoration, the screen turns out to be an ideal and economical alternative to delimit the space with style. One or two in number, these elements, when properly placed, add a decorative touch to your entryway. Effectively separating the entrance from the living room, the screen also has the advantage of being available in many materials and styles. If the most classic is made of wood, there are also wrought iron, aluminum, canvas, paper, and even PVC.

Bet on trellises

Less known, these lightweight partitions made of wood, aluminum, fabric, or PVC have quickly become the ideal allies for interior designers. They can display different styles, from the most classic to the most original, for a successful decoration and harmony with your habitat. But, on the other hand, they allow you all kinds of fantasies since you can paint and personalize them according to your desires: enough to introduce you to art and show imagination while bringing a designer touch to your interior!

Signify the entrance thanks to the furniture and exploit the volumes

Why not use your furniture to create your entryway? By playing on books, for example with a wardrobe, a bookcase, or even a sofa, you make the illusion of having your entrance. Optimize the existing one (a staircase, the transition between a parquet floor and a tiled coating, a light effect, etc.) to create a functional and stylish room.

To furnish your entry with style, do not hesitate to pick one or two idea (s) from sites such as Pinterest, which, thanks to its many photos, will allow you to visualize your project concretely.

Renovating your entrance: what are the best practices for an optimal layout?

Your house already has an entrance, but would you like to renovate it to be more functional and designed? Discover some good practices for a successful renovation.

Bet on brightness

The main fault with the starters? They are, unfortunately, too often dark. The objective is, therefore, to overcome this drawback by bringing maximum clarity to yours! To do this, you can replace your solid front door with a semi-glazed model that will allow more light to penetrate. It is also necessary to choose to be light adapted to your needs and the room’s surface. If your entrance is long, for example, choose two to three pendant lights that can illuminate the entire space. In any case, I prefer a pendant lamp rather than spotlights: its decorative side will immediately add character to the room. The installation of one or more recessed light spots, on the other hand, can be reasonable inside the cupboards of your entrance or a bookcase,

To increase the feeling of space and clarity, opt for light paint color, preferably for your walls (white being a safe choice). The floor covering should also be of a light color (a pale wooden parquet, for example). Finally, if your driveway is still too dark for your taste, consider installing one or two additional window (s) to let in the sun’s rays (a window in the roof can be an excellent solution to create a skylight).

To bring a warm and friendly touch to your entrance, be careful not to choose too cold lighting.

Invest in smart storage

Like a kitchen or a bedroom, the place must be provided with a quantity of storage proportional to your needs. We store our shoes, coats, bags, hats, or even our scarves there; therefore, the storage must be thought out and thought out beforehand, according to our lifestyles.

Even if it is the most expensive, the most suitable solution remains the custom-made furniture because it knows how to perfectly match the volume of your room and meets your expectations in terms of layout.

For smaller spaces, modular storage is efficient daily. On the other hand, few of us think about it, but the area under the stairs is an absolute godsend for providing additional storage!

Bet on the essentials

Some everyday accessories are essential in a hallway while providing that little aesthetic touch that will give it its personality:

  • A mirror for a final check before going out.
  • A coat rack, hooks, or a wardrobe to hang bags and coats.
  • An empty pocket that will collect your keys and other small objects.

In terms of essential furniture, the bench or the small armchair have proved their worth, more practical than a gymnastics session to put on your shoes! There are even storage solutions with an integrated bench.

Dare to be original for a masterful entry

The transition room, the entrance, is also a place where we can give free rein to our imagination than in another room. This is the perfect place to use original colors and patterns that will bring character and identity to the room. Be careful, however, to create an atmosphere that is consistent with the rest of your home. On the decorative side, the big trend is the Art Deco patterned wallpaper, easy to adapt.


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