How to Repair Your Own Smartphone

We literally use our smartphones on a daily basis and some people use them really very roughly while some use them very carefully with all the care. While the damage and repair of a smartphone depend on how majorly and severe the latest damage it also depends upon what kind of damage it is. There can be multiple kinds of damages to your mobile phone as it has several parts both internally and externally.

For example, there might be something wrong with your screen or the internal parts of a mobile phone or the camera And also the headphone jack on the charging port area. All of these problems have different solutions and sometimes can be solved by your own self sometimes will need professional attention to make it any better. Below are mentioned some of the common problems faced by smartphone users on a daily basis irrespective of the brand and model you’re using:

The smartphone’s display

Repairing your smartphone’s display can be a complicated task as the whole mobile phone has to be disassembled while you have to repair something to do with the display. If you are really knowledgeable about the interior parts of your smartphone depending upon its brand and model the difficulty level will vary. And once you have disassembled the phone you also have to assemble it back which is going to be another task but there are also a lot of videos and steps on the internet that don’t help me to do these procedures.

However, it is always risky to do so if you are not a huge techie and if not done and handled properly you can absolutely land up into a bit of trouble. You might always have heard the phrase prevention is better than cure so better than thinking of repairing or display when it breaks down it is always better to take precaution beforehand that is apply a screen protector or tempered glass on the original display of a mobile phone so that even if your mobile phone falls from somewhere or something happens through the display It is going to end up on the screen protector all the temper glass and not directly the original display of your smartphone as it will be protected by the screen guard.

You should also keep in mind that regular service visits will also be something that your phone will love to go to and changing your screen guard business regularly and especially when it is broken as if not replaced with another screen guard it can still be a risky affair to deal with because your display might be addressed.

The smartphones headphone jack or charging port

It might be faced by you that sometimes the sound isn’t clear enough when you hear music or audio on your smartphone. Also when you put in the headphones the music is still not clear and the main reason behind this might be the dust particles that have settled around the headphone jack or on the microphone. This can be clean by your own self using the proper solutions and not water and something inappropriate that will damage your mobile. If you have the correct tools you can come out of this problem and get back the original sound of your smartphone within just a few minutes.

Talking about the charging port and it can get ruined because of the same reason that is the settling of dust particles into it or also if you have roughly pulled out the charger and plugged it in again and again. Should take care of it and plug it in nicely while pulling it out carefully too. One must also pay attention that no liquid gets into or around the microphone or the charging port as it can get inside the mobile phone and ruin it even more.

The smartphone camera lenses

The camera is indeed an important part of the smartphone as everyone today wants to click pictures now and then. The camera is a sensitive middle part which is exposed all the time to the environment as it cannot be inside and we used all the time. So if at all you drop your phone by mistake it is possible that your camera lenses are at high risk and can be Dented or scratched or even broken which is worse. There are many tutorials on the internet that help you repair your camera lenses back to normal as you do not have to disassemble the phone totally and several backs only to repair the camera but again yet you have to have the correct tools and weapons to repair it and not just do it with random stuff which can make it even worse.

And if at all you think that your camera lenses are in grave danger which is that they are not looking repairable at home or can be done easily then you must definitely hurry it up to a professional technician who will repair it and store it back to normal.

Buy/sell/repair your old  smartphone with quick mobile

Buying and selling of all mobile phones have become easier with the internet and with a lot of exposure today. However, it can still be a task for you to find the perfect deal that you are looking for depending on the price, brand, and the model of the mobile phone trying to buy or sell. There are many websites online that can offer you these services but again it is difficult to find the most verified source and to sell or buy your old mobile phone with all the safety and security. is an online website and portal which helps you buy, repair as well as sell your old mobile phones just within a few days. While you face any of the above mention problems you can rush up to quick mobile and a website and they will definitely reach out to you and help you back. There is no problem that comes with a mobile phone and cannot be solved at work mobile. You will be definitely guided to your best and all your doubts will be listened to.

While you’re repairing a mobile phone with quick mobile you don’t have to worry about anything because it is in the safest hands and it will get back to normal or even better than it was!

Quick Mobile also serves its customers with several services that will help them to understand a lot about their own smartphones and their features and what potential it has in the market today according to the market situation currently.

Also, it’s a great initiative if you look forward to buy old mobile phone and get it repaired as it is the most environment-friendly method to recycle and reuse your electronic devices and smartphones especially when it comes to smartphones that are manufactured on a daily basis as the demand is more.


If at all you face any of the above mentioned common issues with your smartphone and think that you can fix it on your own self you can give it a try if it seems to be a minor issue that can be solved by yourself with the help of the steps given on the internet. If it seems that it is a major issue that cannot be solved by yourself you must definitely get some attention from a professional technician asked to solve the issue. You can find help through online websites as mentioned above.


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