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CBSE is all set to conduct the 2022 Board Examination for the students of classes 10 and 12 from 26th April 2022. The students have already started their second revision for their Examination. NCERT is the most critical aspect in the life of CBSE Board students right now. The CBSE Board always refers to NCERT Textbooks for the Examination. So, we’ve come up with a 15 days strategy for revising NCERT Solutions for your CBSE Board Term 2 Examination. Keep these steps in mind and plan accordingly.

8 Tips You Can Use To Complete Your Revision In 15 Days:

  1. Plan your days

    Students should plan these 15 days wisely. CBSE will ask for a 50% syllabus in Term 2, which has provided some form of relief for students. Since the syllabus is small, you can divide the entire syllable into 15 days and review all the topics you have covered in your preparation. Do not miss the review of any topic. Review all topics carefully and keep discipline in the last 15 days. NCERT Solutions are of great help as they consist of all the solutions of NCERT textbooks that are beneficial for the Examination.

  1. Do not avoid complex units

    Avoiding topics will lower your score. So, it would help if you didn’t ignore any topic considering them difficult or not important enough. The students must check the weightage of the topic before thinking about leaving them. Many students leave specific topics without checking the weightage. If you find some units difficult, try learning specific essential topics. You can refer to NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Hindi as well.

3. Do not study anything new Before your Examination, do not start anything new.Revise all the topics you’ve already learned before. Starting a new topic before an exam means forgetting every other topic you’ve known before. NCERT Solutions will help you with your revision. You can quickly start your revision with them. Follow the plan you’ve made, practice sample questions and the previous year’s question paper.

  1. Use NCERT Textbooks- Use NCERT Textbooks and NCERT Solutions for making notes for the Examination. As you already know, more than half of the questions come from the NCERT Textbooks in the Examination. Refer to other books to prepare if you’ve completed NCERT textbooks; otherwise, stick to your course textbooks only.
  1. Revision is the key to success With 15 days to go, it is time to dive into the review. The expert’s opinion is that the last 15 days will always be an NCERT book, and you have prepared notes. Complete thinking of the entire syllabus is critical. These last days I have not gone to sample paperwork or read new articles. A solid review is all you need. Understand the topics you can handle. Look for essential topics you need to work on.
  1. Solve problems In these 15 days, you should aim to solve at least 4 sample papers daily in various subjects. 10th graders will not find it difficult, but 12 students have many topics, so they should use the time and manage so that all the lessons are learned, and they get to solve at least 2 test papers in each lesson. If you’re facing trouble with the method you should use while practicing for the Examination, refer to NCERT Solutions. The solutions are provided by our experts, which will be beneficial. Also, focus on Science and math, especially as these lessons can be challenging.
  1. Focus on weakness While solving the problems, understand your strengths and weaknesses. In the last 15 days, you need to clear the topics which you haven’t mastered yet. You can quickly strengthen your shortcomings with the help of NCERT Solutions. Our experts have provided the best solutions you need in the most manageable steps to understand the topic easily. 
  1. Discuss your problems- Discuss your problems with your friends, mentor, or teachers. Clear all the doubts you’re facing while solving the issues. It is necessary to clear the doubts before the Examination; otherwise, your topic will not be precise, and you’ll end up losing your time and energy on the topic you’re not able to complete because you’ve some doubts. NCERT Solutions provides you with the solution in the easiest way possible so that you can clear your doubts with their help. 


Following these tips will help you memorize NCERT Test Solutions in 15 days. But always remember, last-minute research will never be the same as enthusiasm for year-round preparation. Your exam preparation should begin early and continue throughout the year. It’s not the final exam of your life, and there’ll be many chances you’ll get afterward. Focus on HOT questions and read them slowly, do not take the stress, and make your diet and sleep sound. Success, no doubt, will be yours.

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