Planning to save an EML mailbox file in a Microsoft-based cloud server i.e. Office 365 but hesitate due to lack of technical knowledge? Don’t worry, we are here to solve your migration problem without any complexity. We explain the complete procedure to save EML files in the Office 365 interface along with attachments. Now the solution to your query about how to save EML file in Office 365 is a few steps away from you. Just read the blog and get a quick solution to your problem.

What is EML File?

EML on the other hand is one of the most common file extensions used by email applications to store a single mail file. The emails are in plain formatting that consists of sender, recipient, subject, and matter of the email. It also consists one or more than one attachments. Email clients that support EML files are Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, DreamMail, Apple Mail, eM Client, Entourage, etc.

Why Do Users Want to Save EML in Office 365?

Technological change plays a major role in the migration of data from one email platform to other. As per going time, the needs of users also change and they need to upgrade themselves to cope with technological changes. Office 365 is a cloud server that comes with Microsoft Office Suite. After its launch, many organizations start using Office 365 to deal with daily operations and keep all their data in Cloud for easy accessibility. It comes along with various other applications that ensure productivity and growth in the organization.

These are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, OneNote, Publisher, Access, Skype for business, and many more. All these applications are very important for growing a business. Office 365 also keeps the data safe and secure. Microsoft always keeps its application updated without any additional charges and introduces new features as per current requirements. That is why users want to move EML mailbox data to Office 365 for better management.

Why Manual Methods are not a Suitable Match?

If you have already searched for a solution to move, save Or migrate EML files in Office 365 then you know that no manual approach is available that supports this conversion process. The approaches which are available for free are not direct and include so many steps. Also those methods require a lot of man hours and necessary technical knowledge. That is why it is recommended to always use professional approaches while saving EML files in Office 365.

Automated Solution – EML to Office 365 Converter

The CubexSoft EML to Office 365 Converter is a professional third-party solution that provides assured results without any misplacement of files. You can run the utility on any Windows-supported machine having versions 10, 8, 7, 8.1, Vista, XP, etc. One of the amazing features of EML to Outlook 365 Converter is that it moves batch EML files to Office 365 in single-time processing. It is an ideal match for all those users who are looking for a solution on how to save EML files in Office 365.

The software keeps the mail properties of EML files intact during the export process. You can even use the filter option available for selective export of EML files in Office 365. The software performs the conversion in dual mode. It means you can either save EML files to Office 365 user account or M365 admin account.

To eliminate unnecessary conversion of EML data, the software shows a preview of selected EML files before proceeding with the export procedure. The EML Export program saves the EML mailbox with all the attachments in Outlook 365. The tool is perfect for both technical and non-technical field users. Also, no need to install any EML-supported application to move EML files in Office 365.


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