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Instagram has been the internet's favorite photo-sharing social media platform since its launch in 2010. More than 95 million photos are uploaded to Instagram every day, so maybe you're just a little curious as to whether you can see who views your Instagram posts, Story, or profile.
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How to See Who Viewed Your Instagram Posts
Instagram has become the most popular and favorite social media platform since it launched. It becomes popular because of the more graphical content like pictures rather than text on Facebook and Twitter. It gives a different vibe to its users and interacts with them with its interesting features and interacting filters. Since it has launched millions of pictures are being uploaded and still this process is going on.

As people are interested in increasing their engagement rate so that more and more people could interact with their content. They buy Instagram followers or look for several other techniques to increase their reach. In the interest of increasing their engagement rate, they are also curious about the people who viewed their content whether it’s an Instagram Post story, feed post, or profile. They want to track the activity of their followers, for fun purposes or to create content according to the interest of their followers.

We’ll help you find the ways through which you can notice the activity of your followers and see who viewed your profile.

Are You Able to See Who Views Your Instagram?

Instagram is such a simple and in detail application that provides every necessary detail to its users. Most people often repeat this question who viewed their Instagram posts?
It’s true to some extent that you can see who viewed your Instagram content but that can be possible only for Instagram Post stories. Whether you are posting a video or audio on your Instagram story you’ll be able to see who viewed your story. For Instagram posts, it wouldn’t be possible for you to see who has seen your posts. Until or unless they like your post or leave a comment on it. Then you can check them from the list of likes and comments. Although you can check the total number of views on your video post.

For Instagram Business Account

If you are running an Instagram business account you would be able to see the number of users who see your content. And how many visitors your profile has had in the past few weeks. This means you can notice the overall analytics of your account that how was the performance of your business. But you wouldn’t be able to see the list of usernames who watched your content. Although whoever comment or like will be visible to you.
How to Check Who Viewed your Instagram Story
You now know that you can see who viewed your Instagram Post  story but you are not aware of the method through which you can check. Well, the information is much simple and you can do it in a second.

Open the story that you just posted on the top left side of your Instagram feed.
Swipe up on your screen and you’ll be able to view several users who have viewed your story.
You might be wondering whether these user details on your story are visible to everyone. Well no they are just visible to you and no one else has access to them. Even if it’s more than 24 hours since you posted your story, still you can see up to 48 hours who viewed your story. To do this you need to do some simple steps, go to your profile and follow the below steps:

Click on the icon you see on the top right side of your profile with three horizontal lines.
There you’ll find Archive, click on it.

Then tap on stories Archive.

Click on the story that you want to check or you can swipe up on the screen directly or click on the icon present at the bottom left.
You’ll see several people who viewed your story, from there if you see a higher number of views than usernames. It’s because anyone from the same account has viewed your story more than once. If you want to increase the likes you can go for Instagram auto likes or improve the quality of your content to engage more users.

Check the Total Number of Views on Your Instagram Video
Although you are not able to see the name of users who viewed your video on Instagram but still you can check the total number of views on your video. Even if it’s not possible for regular photo posts. To check the total number of views on your video you need to follow the below steps:
Open your Instagram  Posts profile and click on the video whose views you want to check.
Under the Instagram video, you’ll see several views tap on it to see clearly how many total views you have.
There will be two numbers, the first one is the total number of views on your video and the second is the total number of likes on your video.
If you want to find someone from your like list you can type it on the search bar available above the list of users who liked your video. This total number of views is available for videos only and for regular posts you wouldn’t be able to see it. You can just view the total number of users who like it and their names.
If you are running a professional account, you’ll see view insights so instead of clicking on simple view click on view insights to check all the detailed information of your video. You are also able to see the number of shares and saves on your post.

This helps you to understand how much your profile had an impact and how it affects getting new followers.

That’s the total information that you need to know otherwise several third-party apps claim to provide detailed information about your profile. Well, they are just making you a fool and offering money from you, don’t get betrayed by them. As Instagram has defined its privacy policy and they strictly follow it. To keep your personal information safe. This is the only way through which you can see profile details and no more app can do it more than that.

Instagram is pretty lean on details about who views your profile and content. As such, it’s not surprising that questions like, “can you see who viewed your Instagram post?” are quite popular.

To some extent, it’s possible to see who viewed your Instagram photos .and videos—but this only really applies to Stories. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t have this same function for regular photo and video posts. As such, you can’t see who views your Instagram photos or videos posted in your feed.

If you own a business account on Instagram, you can also see the number of visitors you had. In the past few weeks or how many users saw your content in their feed. But you cannot view the list of usernames.

Regular posts are limited to information on who liked your photo and commented on the post.

Instagram has been the internet’s favorite photo-sharing social media platform since its launch in 2010. More than 95 million photos are uploaded to Instagram Posts every day, Instagram has been the internet’s favorite photo-sharing.

social media platform since its launch in 2010. Regular posts are limited to information about Instagram



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