More companies are allowing employees to work from home these days, which necessitates some thought to maintain compliance with your ISO standard: ISO 9001 registration in Saudi Arabia.

How will your company ensure that the proper infrastructure for working, connecting, and meeting is in place, that it is functional, and that it is secure? 

Relevant  ISO 9001 clauses for remote workers. 

 Clause 7.1.3 – Infrastructure

 Clause 7.1.4 – Working environment

 Clause 7.4 – Communication

Clause 7.1.3 – Infrastructure

Infrastructure is of key consideration  with remote working. It also means the physical structures, equipment, and information technology which are needed to deliver a product or service.

When everyone is co- located  together in the same building it’s much easier to  manage if you are dealing with a remote working situation. You have to discuss the influence on your infrastructure from employees working from home.

In a work from home situation the first thing we have to think about is the possibility of cybersecurity Issues and problems with information technology (IT) infrastructure and cybersecurity are a possibility.

 If this is a major concern for you, you should check into the demands for an Information Security Management System (ISMS), for which there is an ISO standard : ISO 9001 Certification in Malaysia. Even if a comprehensive ISMS isn’t needed for our company, there are some IT infrastructure issues to consider.

When it comes to IT ( information technology), you’ll want to make sure that everyone has the equipment people need to get the job done. 

Also, with this ISO 9001 certification services in Saudi Arabia you’ll need to make sure these requirements are fulfilled. Consider whether people have the necessary tools to complete their tasks, such teleconferencing software or a virtual private network (VPN) for internet security. 

 Clause 7.1.4 – Working environment

Along with infrastructure it’s also important to consider the home working environment, As it is a worthy atmosphere  also, for physical and human factors, including social features also, the good work. When employees work from home, this will fluctuate greatly.

it comes to human aspects, this is perhaps one of the most pressing concerns among remote workers, and one of the most difficult to overcome. 

Consider how you’ll support employees deal with stress, manage stress, and maintain their emotional well-being as they continue to work for you alone.

 Solutions could include everything from psychological education to more communication and help for workers who’ve been struggling with their isolation.

 It’s difficult to recognized that some tasks will take longer, and some employees may seek psychological assistance to manage with their absence from the office.

 You’ll need to figure out how to best support your employees’ mental health, as it may become a top priority for your company’s survival.

Clause 7.4 – Communication

After the work environment one of the most important parts of the remote control work is to ensure that communication is the new reality.

In the infrastructure and working environment parts of this paper, communications and learning were already mentioned. 

For example, you might need to think about adding remote communication technology or making tutorials and training people about using new technology.

Don’t ignore your compliance with ISO 9001 or other ISO standards.

It is difficult  to change the remote working from what you used efficiently in the pandemic to your continuity of operations. Using ISO standards can help as it has been outlined of the content of ISO  9001 certification in Bahrain

It’s also very important to understand that using ISO certifications means not creating more difficulties, costs and complications. 

It’s about helping the organizations, solved the issues which arise. Shifting work from home is a serious issue which can arise from ISO standard: ISO 9001 certification in Hyderabad.



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