bleeding lisptick

Everyone has the love-hate relationship we have with our lipsticks. We love the way they completely alter our appearance however, we hate when they wrinkle, bleed and peel. You’ve achieved flawless application of lipstick in the event that it doesn’t even bleed in any way, but this isn’t the case often. In the event that you’re constantly reaching for tissues constantly throughout the course of the day due to the lipstick won’t stop bleeding, this article can help.

The bleeding of your lips or feathering is the most common way to let it spill over the edges of the lips. As you try to get smooth edges with the highest level of precision the lipstick actually gets smudged (over time even if it’s not immediately) and leaks out from your lip. Continue reading about the various ways you can prevent this from happening and help the lip last for longer…

Use a lip primer

Although some prefer using concealer or foundation as an initial base for lipstick to rest on however, the texture could become quite spongy and cakey, and the final product will not be as pleasing as you’d like you want it to. We suggest using an ultra-light lip primer that creates an even base which the lipstick will be sat on. Make sure your lips have been thoroughly cleansed and hydrated prior to applying this.

They need to be hydrated.

Be sure to apply plenty of moisturizing lip balm over your lips (don’t overlook your corners). Apply the same balm a bit away from your lips to help keep the lips’ edge of your lips well-hydrated. The area around your lips is often the one that is most susceptible to flaking. It also results in cracks, which allows the lipstick close to the lips to leak easily.

Line your lips

Before you begin filling your lips with lipstick, apply an eyeliner (of the identical shade and of course) to draw a clean, precise line across your lips. After that, you can fill your lips lightly with lip liner for a bold color buildup. The sharp edge of the liner ensures that the lipstick does not bleed or slide out beyond the line.

Apply the paint using a brush

If, after applying the lipstick, you’re still not confidence about filling your lips, because the lipstick may be too round, you can use an eyeliner with a sharp tip to apply the lipstick. The brush will allow you to reach into the edges of your lips effortlessly. Make use of either a flat or angular brushes to put concealer to the outer edges of the lips , to smooth the area.


The last step is to dispose of any excess product you might have put on. If you have excess product, your lipstick will definitely leak. Apply the tissue paper over your lips. Then take a makeup brush and dip it into a translucent powder, and lightly sprinkle it over your lips. This will ensure that your lipstick is safe from bullets.


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