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Today there is a wealth of information available to everyone. The internet has allowed people from all over the world to access various resources on any topic. As a result, Education has changed dramatically over the years. Various educators argue that formal education is a thing of the past and that self-education is the future. We find this true, so we created this blog to help you on this journey. To convey all this information, many educators choose a video format. Not only is there a fantastic amount of content on Youtube, but many successful video tutorial companies are already emerging. Many of them bring their content, while others allow people to offer their courses on their platform, such as Physicswallah.

Here are several ways How You can Study Effectively:

1. Understand the subject of the video

First thing first, you’ve to understand the subject of the video, what the video is about. Usually, the title will give you a good idea of ​​the title itself. Still, sometimes you may not even know the words in the title. If so, do a quick google search, just enough to understand what you will learn more about.

2. Create your own space

To get the most out of your video lecture, you will need a place to watch the video without interruption. To be as efficient as possible, you will want to watch the whole video, do not always rest because your phone is near you or your surroundings are noisy. Set a location where you can read in silence, at the end of the video length.

3. Stop/ Pause the video and ask questions

Now that you have thought about the topic, for example, NCERT Solutions for Class 10, and started trying other things on your own, you are ready to start watching the video.

We would not advise you to sit and watch the whole video without pausing. Your brain can process much information at once. It may be best to pause the video from time to time to consider what you have just read. It will also allow you to explore the confusing concepts of the video.

4. Self-study for students

 With videos, anyone can read for themselves. Videos, audios, and webinars help students learn something that the teacher will need in another way. The best part is that this approach to self-study leaves a lasting impression on the mind, which may be better than reading the same lesson in a book. With the help of self-study, students will learn how to study and clear their concepts as their teachers will not be present all the time.

5. Start with the basics

 In some cases, the study may be more difficult or even better for you. If so, you need to add one step after the video. Instead of jumping to the next topic, watch the video for a second time with a peaceful mind. After creating a connection from the first view, it is now ready to use the video as a process instruction manual. Clear your basics first; afterward, move on to the next topic.

6. Do not take stress

It is common for people to beat themselves up for not being able to remember everything after completing a video lesson. That can degrade you as a process and defeat the purpose. Do not forget that you are still in the process of learning, and the whole process described here is still part of learning. Take the time to work on the story and get a deeper understanding of it. Do not take the stress and start over. It’ll take time, but you’ll be able to understand it.

7. Make proper notes

 Remember that these videos are designed to replace the content presented in the lessons – where you would go and write notes as the lesson progresses. Just because you can pause videos and watch them many times does not mean you should. 

Try and look at it and take notes without pausing. If you think you have missed something important, write down the time in the video and go back and watch that part again. The notes must have meaning for you, so write down whatever comes to mind when your instructor reads the slides. For instance, you’re taking video lectures on NCERT Solutions for Class 10. Make notes while going through the video so that you do not have to waste time reviewing the videos again and again. 

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Video Lectures can be a great learning tool if you use them properly. The wrong approach would be to jump from one educator to another and not just review what you have just read. And you don’t want to develop a dependence on these courses and get stuck in a teaching hell.

The ultimate goal is to learn how to study effectively on your own. Stop and think about what you are going to look like. It can help write down the essential parts of a topic and the subject. Try to build some of your own first. It is best to make mistakes because it is part of learning.



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