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Are you someone who runs an e-commerce store? Lately, have you been wondering where else can you promote your e-commerce store in a way that people notice it? Well, we’ve got some great news. Did you know that Facebook can act as a very useful platform for people to notice the presence of your e-commerce store? There are over 90 million small businesses on the platform of Facebook. 

Reports by consulting firm Accenture have predicted that the global social commerce market is about to grow to $1.2 trillion by the year 2025. During this time, India’s market will be growing the fastest.

In order to achieve the success you are looking for, a platform like Facebook which is multifaceted and comes along with marketing as well as a concrete strategy can be proved immensely useful. 

However, before you step into the world of benefits that Facebook can give you as a platform to promote your e-commerce store, you should know that digital marketing, as well as social media advertising on Facebook, requires a very concrete strategy along with presenting a unique opportunity that exposes your products to a large number of the target audience.

Facebook has now become the world’s largest social network with the number of users being around two .45 billion every month worldwide. This means that there are around 1.62 million users per day that can be your potential customers. 

So let’s focus on some tips now, that can be very useful if you choose Facebook as a platform to promote your e-commerce store and build awareness of its online presence.

Following are the tips you’re looking for:

  • Identifying your target audience: if your intention is clear about marketing your service or product, then it is very obvious that you will require to know who needs or wants what you are offering. This means determining not only their age, location but also their job and answering the question as to why your product or service is going to be something they will need and benefit from. This is where the Facebook audience insights tool can help you by allowing you to dive deep into your potential customers and find information on their education, relationship status, gender, language, location, use of Facebook as well as past purchases. 
  • Creating a business page on Facebook: this step is inexpensive as well as effortless to achieve. All you need to do is simply sign up for a business page on Facebook’s website and choose from the business types. Further, you will have to include a local business or place, product or brand, community, or cause. After filling in all the details that are required about your company, you can start adding images or the logo that you have for your company or even a cover photo as well as a profile picture. This is just as easy as setting up your personal Facebook page and getting started by creating your first post. 
  • Selling directly on Facebook: augmenting your e-commerce store becomes simple through the website of Facebook as it allows you to sell your products directly on the website. All you need to do is add a shop to your Facebook page which will allow your customers to buy your products directly from the website. Simply by clicking on the “Shop” tab, the Facebook page will take you to the commerce manager’s “Sell on Facebook” page. This is a tool that helps you link business accounts, preferences for shipping can also be set here, including returns and establishing payouts. Imagine, with only this kind of set up your e-commerce store will be all across Facebook, Instagram as well as a marketplace for some given products. The best part is that even if you are using a third-party platform you are allowed to set up a shop on your Facebook page automatically so that all the products from that third-party platform can easily appear in your Facebook shop now. 
  • Create fascinating content for blogs: although this is an activity that you will have to do outside Facebook, this ensures that all your visitors on Facebook will have something engaging to connect with, and eventually it will lead to organic links. If you have a blog that is rich in content you will get infinite opportunities for promoting the articles that your users will want to link to. Just make sure that your blog content is something that is worth sharing with the world. For this, answer some important questions like your audience’s passion, the relevant topics that haven’t been covered, and how your expertise can be of value to your users.
  • Using Facebook Lead Ads: lead ads are something similar to the standard Facebook ads. The only difference is that the lead ads allow people to download the content from you and share the information without having to leave Facebook. This means that the ad you post can have a “download” button that gives out a free coupon or material related to education, eventually leading a potential customer to greater brand recognition as well as more conversions. 

All in all, Facebook is a platform that can offer you an unlimited number of opportunities in order to promote your e-commerce store. All you need is patience, consistency as well as a good plan of action with an appropriate amount of knowledge for the same. On the other hand, if you want a professional to take care of all of this for you then that can be a great idea too. You can come up with a strategy together where you can tell all about the goals of your business and the strategist can make sure that your unique needs are met. So, if you haven’t been exploring Facebook for promoting your e-commerce store then now is the time to do so and reap all the benefits that it comes with.

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