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NFTs have changed the face of advertising and promotion. Because the blockchain tracks ownership, NFTs can be given away or even traded, which means that you can use them as incentives to attract new customers and build your brand. Here are just a few ways that you can use NFTs to boost your advertising and nft promotion.

Print Them

Non-fungible tokens can be used as loyalty rewards in gaming apps. And they’re built on blockchain, so they’re a lot more secure than your typical gift card. In other words, you could give people a certain number of crypto-collectibles for free when they make a purchase or spend a certain amount. 

Or you could create limited-edition digital versions of your favorite artist’s album that are available only during their tour dates. What about offering VIP membership perks?  For example, if someone buys something from you with an NFT token, they get access to extra content or special offers. It all depends on what works best for your business model. The possibilities are endless!

Put Them on Merchandise

If you want to get people familiar with your game, but without having a full-on ad campaign, consider putting merchandise on sale that uses your game’s tokens. For example, if you’re using Crypto Kitties as collectibles, then you could create T-shirts and other items of clothing featuring them! People will be able to wear their favorite Crypto kitty or two wherever they go.

Decorate With Them

We have seen augmented reality used in some pretty cool ways, but we have yet to see it applied in a way that’s meaningful for businesses until now. A Japanese coffee shop recently announced plans to use smart coffee cups equipped with NFC chips that can be tapped by customers to trigger an augmented reality app featuring drawings of cute anime-like characters.

Promote Events With Them

When promoting your events, an opportunity arises with non-fungible tokens. Since you can make each ticket unique, it is possible to integrate them into virtual economies. For example, if you are hosting a concert, you could give away a unique branded ERC-721 token for each ticket purchased on your website. These branded tokens can be transferred among users or used as fuel for special abilities inside. 

Sports, community events, fairs, there are plenty of opportunities for you to get your product in front of people who may not have heard about it yet. Sponsoring a local event is also a great way to connect with members of your community. Just make sure you pick a worthwhile event that attendees will enjoy. Or better yet, organize your own! You can do it all from promoting on social media to handing out fliers at local businesses.

The key here is to use what you have learned through marketing research to target your ideal customer base. If they like baseball, sponsor a baseball team. If they like dogs, sponsor an animal shelter’s dog walk; if they like nature walks, sponsor one of those. You get the idea!

Announce Important Updates  for Advertising

Just as you would with a traditional media outlet, make sure you’re keeping your audience informed. If an important team member changes or you have a promotional special going on, make sure they know! In addition, don’t forget to be transparent. Let your audience know if someone else is using your business model or has infringed on your intellectual property; it’s better for them to hear about it from you than in a court of law.

Leave Messages in Public Places

If you’re aiming for a broad audience, you’ll need to think creatively about where your message is going to be seen. A great place to start is with your local public transportation system. Leave flyers on buses, or in train stations. Wherever there are a lot of people who will have time and space on their hands while they wait. If you have enough nft advertising posters lying around, consider putting up ad panels around bus stops, too. 

You can also use your local library as a free way to promote your business. Place ads on their bulletin boards, along with any other information that might be relevant to patrons. And don’t forget about student unions!

Buy Others’ NFTs

An excellent way to get people interested in your NFT is to promote it with others’ non-fungible tokens. If you can’t find another business that’s making nft-based tokens, you can always purchase other people! After all, if someone else’s token is worth $5, why not buy one or two of them?  The key here is to make sure you’re buying from a reputable seller. You should also consider whether there are any legal issues involved with using these assets for advertising purposes. For example, some countries don’t allow businesses to give away freebies as part of their marketing campaigns.


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