How would you study differently after failing?


Do you think failing is the end of everything? No, it is certainly not. You just need to be plan wiser to study after failing.

You can still recover from a failure if you want to work for it. Failure is a sign to redo the task to perform better.

You just need the determination to accomplish your goal. Any goal can be accomplished with dedication and high spirit.

Why did you fail?

It is very important to analyze and find the reason for your failure. If you discover the real reason for your failure, then it will be possible for you to recover through that.

It is important to figure out the core reason in order to solve any problem. If the problem is unknown, then the mistakes will be repeated.

How to study differently after failure?

Failure in any field is common. You can surely fail.

But your determination has to be intact. If you fail to fight back the situation, then that is the biggest failure. So, no matter in which subject you failed to keep working hard till you succeed.

The trick is to figure out how to work differently to avoid past mistakes. There are few ways in which you can try to study differently after failure.


Since you need to study again for the same course it may seem boring. So, make sure you plan differently than you did earlier. This will help you develop your interests further.

Do focus where you lagged earlier to perform better in that. See which portions you neglected and divide your time accordingly.

Plan every detail of your day and make sure to prioritize where you failed.

Don’t set any unrealistic goals that are impossible to accomplish. When you work daily set such goals that are feasible and interesting to accomplish.

Determine your study time

Study when you are the most active. We all have a time when we can work faster and effectively in a day.

Figure out that time for yourself and see how it works for you. Do the other works in your spare time and see the difference.

New materials

Buy new materials like notebooks, pens, and other accessories. This will attract you to study. As it is your old course it may bore you to study for the next period of time.

But if you study using new materials then you will want to study.

Divide the syllabus

If you divide a large thing into a smaller version it minimizes your effort. So, if you divide the syllabus into small halves, then it will not burden you with the whole.

It will be easier for you to complete daily small goals.

Be patient in your progress

Yes! Once you fail it gets difficult to have patience over the same course. But make yourself understand that you can underperform in a particular examination. It doesn’t determine your capabilities.

The failure can be due to sickness, any emergency, or lack of effort. The reason determines what factor needs to be considered while planning the study pattern for the future.

Don’t panic in any situation after you fail? It any happen that you don’t understand a concept well. But that doesn’t mean it is hampering your future severely.

It is how focused you become after failing in any subject. The action after failure defines your future. If you are a medical student and you have failed in the USMLE Step 1 course then you can try again. No need to worry about that because “practice makes the man perfect”.

Study techniques

Change your study techniques in order to make your study time attractive. Create imaginary characters and situations, in your mind to memorize the concept.

It is scientifically proven that it becomes easy to memories things when we visualize them. When we observe and listen to something, it easily registers into our brain.

So, practice this audio-visual learning to make effective learning. The more you will make the process of study interesting the more you will want to study.

Appear for sample tests

Learn and practice to make the concept clear. We fear something that is either unclear or unknown.

In order to avoid such fear, learn the concepts and appear for the sample tests. Take guidance from your teacher to make sure you are doing good in the exams.

If you give several sample tests then you will be confident to know your strengths and weak points. The more you appear for the sample tests, you will have less fear for the final exam.

You will be aware of the possibilities you will face regarding the courses. Also, the small success will help you be confident for your final exam.

Avoid distractions

if you feel you used to absorb social media or any other distracting means during your study time. Do avoid it. If you are really bored of continuous studies read books that will help you to acquire concentration than a distraction.

Guidance from the teacher

No matter which standard you are in, you always need teachers to guide you with the necessities. This is so because the teachers can only guide you to understand where you are wrong, where you are falling short, or can do better.

This guidance will help you to know what is your real strengths and weakness. Listen to their advice carefully and act upon it.

If you feel you need certain portions to be re-explained by the teacher. Do take their assistance. Teachers will never back out from explaining where you have a problem.

Consult with friends

If necessary, talk to your friends about the points that you think are your weakness and let them guide you to do better. You will not surely take advice from those who will misguide you.

Do group study with your fellow students to make your course strong and effective. If you study with your friends then knowledge and perspectives are exchanged.

You can have trouble in any portion which may be easy for your friends. So, group study helps in solving doubts for each other.

Take time to accept it

Yes! we understand you have not expected this to come. But life is not what is always planned.

Take it as a challenge and shine through it. You have proved yourself earlier too. So, trust yourself and take some time before you start working for it again.

You can take a break maybe for a day or for a trip and make yourself rejuvenated to fight the failure.

This is not a way to avoid the situation but to refresh your mind to study better. You can go for a movie or a day out with friends and family.

Brooding over the failure

This is the first and foremost thing you need to do in order to concentrate in studies. Don’t brood over the failure, rather work out for the future.

If you keep on brooding over the past, then you won’t be able to plan the upcoming study time.

If you feel you have pent-up emotions regarding your failure then make sure you release them to the near ones. If you are not emotionally balanced then you won’t be able to concentrate on your studies.

This will further affect your studies.


It indeed becomes challenging to study after failing. But life becomes bland without challenges.

Brace yourself for the challenges and act upon them. Trust the process, it will make you evolve and learn a lot through failure like never before.


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