Kunjal Kriya

Kunjal Kriya is also called Dhauti and Gaja Karna. By doing this action, one gets relief from stomach diseases. Throat and stomach get purified. This is called Gaja Karna because when the elephant feels nauseous, then it inserts its trunk deep into the throat so that the non-essential elements come out from its body. Kunjal Kriya is an action that man has taken from nature. Kunjal Kriya removes harmful substances and chemicals from our bodies. So let us know how Kunjal Kriya is beneficial for the stomach.

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Why the need for Kunjal Kriya?

Bholi has been curing people with yoga in different institutions for the last five years. She does yoga both online and offline. When we eat more than necessary, then digestive diseases start in the stomach. Kunjal Kriya is a panacea in getting rid of these diseases. This action strengthens the abdominal muscles. So at the same time, for those who have a phobia, anxiety works like shocking therapy. Controls our jealousy, fear, hatred. Performing Kunjal Kriya increases blood flow to the abdominal region. Blood flow also increases in the chest area. Kunjal Kriya further opens up the chest area so that breathing can take place better. It is a natural action that we have taken from animals.


How to do Kunjal Kriya:

1. Preparation

 To perform Kunjal Kriya, first keep a jug, lukewarm water, and rock salt with you.

2. Mode of Action

Do this action in the morning on an empty stomach. To do this action, first of all, sit down. Now take one to one and a half liters of lukewarm water. You can increase or decrease the amount of water according to your capacity. Mix half a teaspoon of rock salt in a liter of water, do this action only on an empty stomach. First, sit down, then hold the jug with both hands and start drinking water without stopping, keep drinking water till you feel like vomiting. As soon as you start feeling like vomiting. Stand up. Keep your left hand on the waist and with your right hand take the index and middle finger inside your mouth. Take both the fingers to the inside of the mouth and then press the tongue. Then you will feel like vomiting, then lean forward a little and slowly let the water come out. Keep repeating this action until all the water comes out. Exiting all the water is a sign that first, the water will come out salty, and then it will come out sour. Then it will be bitter. This action balances Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.


Benefits of Kunjal Kriya for Stomach:

1. Strengthen the abdominal muscles

According to naive Parihar, there is a contraction of muscles when we vomit. In this process the muscles become loose, then when you vomit again, the muscles of the throat start to ache. Overall, vomiting causes muscles to tighten and then loosen. Due to which the blood flow to the abdominal area increases. In this way, the muscles get strengthened.

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2. Reduce Kidney Stones

In Kunjal Kriya, when we vomit with water in the mouth, then the non-essential things come out from the stomach, which increases the digestion capacity and reduces the chances of stone formation in our kidneys. A lot of water is drunk in Kunjal Kriya. When we drink water, not all the water comes out of the mouth and comes out through urine. While doing Kunjal Kriya, it is natural for those people whose water is not able to come out completely, it is natural for them to urinate. In such a situation, people who are doing Kunjal Kriya and if they have frequent urination, then they should not be upset. This is a natural process.


3. Will get rid of sour belching

Kunjal Kriya eliminates the problem of sour belching. According to Bholi, the bile in our stomach does not get a chance to come out. But when we do Kunjal Kriya, then this bile comes out through water and gets rid of sour stools.


4. Corrects Bad Digestion

According to yoga expert Bholi Parihar, there are non-essential chemicals in our stomach which come out by doing Kunjal Kriya and the stomach starts functioning properly. Due to which the digestive power remains right. This action corrects poor digestion and increases the power of digestion.


5. Get rid of stomach gas

By doing Kunjal Kriya, the problem of gas in the stomach ends. According to Bholi, when the food we have eaten is not digested completely, then it reaches the large intestine. This undigested food creates gas in the stomach. When this gas does not come out, then there is a headache or flatulence starts. But by doing Kunjal Kriya, all the unwanted elements come out of our bodies. Our stomach gets cleaned by this action, due to which neither we get gas nor indigestion.


6. Remove burning sensation of stomach and chest

In Kunjal Kriya, salt is added to the water, that salt mixed with water reduces the cleanser, which reduces the burning of the stomach and also reduces the burning in the chest. Bholi told that apart from the elephant, the cat also eats grass after eating food, due to which it vomits. This is the key action. Kunjal verb is derived from animals.


Who doesn’t:

People who have problems with high BP and low BP, do not do it. If you want to do it, do it under someone’s guidance.

People who have hernias should not do it at all.

Many remedies have been given in Ayurveda to make the body healthy. Ayurveda also teaches that we are our own medicine for the ailments of our body. With the right diet, you can keep yourself healthy. This Kriya is a panacea to cure stomach diseases. Performing Kunjal Kriya increases blood flow to the abdominal region. It’s also very easy to do. It can be done easily without any frills.


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