Administrators of mail systems like Exchange Online have to Import Outlook PST to Office 365. They can’t avoid this task. But did you know that you could make it possible and easy? This technical post will refer you to some potential ways to import PST files to Office 365 with ease.

The Outlook Import Wizard is one way to import PST files. This method works best when there aren’t too many PST files or when Outlook users are going to import the PST files themselves.

Drive shipping is another option. To do this, you save the PST files to a secure hard drive and send the hard drive to one of Microsoft’s stores. The data on the hard drive is then moved to a place for running where an Azure Storage PST import task is available.

If your area lets you, you can use the network upload option to import Outlook PST to Office 365. With the network upload option, you can send PST files that are probably on the network at your company to an Azure Storage location over the internet.

Import PST to Office 365 Requirements Natively:

You must bear concentration when you manually import PST files to Exchange Online.

  • Users of Office 365 who don’t have Office 365 or who want to try it out can ask for a trial.
  • An Office 365 administrator with the Mailbox Import Export role in Exchange online can attempt it.
  • Anyone with an Office 365 admin account and at least the Mail Recipients role in Exchange online can use it. Organization Management and Recipient Management groups are automatically added to this position.
  • An Office 365 admin login with the Mailbox Import/Export role in Exchange Online. You can import Outlook PST to Office 365 mailboxes if you have this role.
  • Office 365 requires at least one mailbox. When you import the Outlook Data Files, they will go to this Office 365 mailbox.
  • At least one PST file must exist. When you import data to Office 365, it will read the items’ PST files from Outlook. Follow this link to learn how to make a PST file if you don’t already have one.
  • You must first install the Azure Storage Explorer utility to see the uploaded PST files using the GUI.

Must-know: The network upload option will only work with the version of AzCopy from this URL. You can’t import PST to Office 365 with any other versions of AzCopy.

The PST import job could take a while. When I tested it with a 6-megabyte PST file, the status was still “import in progress” even after 30 minutes. When this happens, you can close the window and return to it later. It takes a lot of time and could cause mistakes or damage to data.

Importing PST to Office 365 Through Outlook Import/Export feature:

It is one more way to import Outlook PST to Office 365. Run your Outlook account on a Windows system and then do the following:

  • In Outlook, click on the File tab.
  • When given an option, you should choose “Open & Export.”
  • Click on the tab “Import/Export.”
  • Choose what you want to do in the Import/Export section using a different file program (default selected).
  • Pick the Outlook database file Outlook (.pst) here.
  • Choose the file you want to import from the list of files.
  • On the next page, you’ll be able to choose what you want to import and where.
  • Click the Next button to get started with the Import of PST to Office 365.

Depending on your PST file size, it may take some time to import all of your emails. This method is fast and free but safe because it doesn’t duplicate data. But it works well for one or two small mailboxes. If you want to import multiple OST files seamlessly, you can use Shoviv PST to Office 365 migration tool.

Shoviv PST to Office 365 migration tool:

Professionals say the best way to import Outlook PST to Office 365 is to use automated software. One of them is the Shoviv PST to Office 365 migration tool. This helpful tool is easy to use and has all user-desired features.

Users can import as many or as few PST files as users want with this software. During the procedure, it doesn’t impact the way data is stored or folder structure.

It also lets you import PST to Office 365 in an incremental process. If the process is interrupted, the incremental feature helps in resuming the process without doing anything duplicitous.

This tool also has more advanced features like the ability to map folders and email translation. Users can map folders or set the destination email address domain accordingly.


This post addressed importing PST files to Office 365 to transfer Windows-based software. Manual processes are time-consuming and risky for data.

Also, the Shoviv PST to Office 365 migration tool has a free trial version that lets you see how well it works. The trial version process the first 50 items per folder. Use this best solution to import Outlook PST to Office 365 easily.


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