Here are the top Indian Destinations For A Couple Holiday – Going for your honeymoon or that well-deserved vacation with your significant other is indeed something to be excited about. It will help you relax and enjoy a scenic destination with your partner. While it can be an exciting thing, it is much more difficult to plan the trip. Choosing the destination keeping track of the itinerary is a challenging task. Also, you would need to keep in mind the preferences of your partner before choosing the destination. It needs to be something romantic. There should also be a chance to experience adventure. There are many destinations worldwide to choose one. However, India always comes at the top for travel enthusiasts.

If you want to have a vacation with your partner, plan it to India. It can offer you everything you can imagine. From scenic views, cultures to architecture, there’s nothing you wouldn’t find. Also, you can visit different cities for a long vacation. It will help you explore the Indian culture while having a loving time with your partner. It will also be a great choice if you are on a budget. Most Indian cities offer affordable options. You can plan and visit many more places on a budget than you would in any other site. If you are excited to see the vibrant culture, festivals and people, book your Direct flights from Delhi to USA now.

Plan your vacation to one or even more of these top destinations for a couple holiday:


If you are a lover of traditions, local culture and magnificent architecture, choose Udaipur. You can experience the local delicacies and the traditions of Rajasthan in this top tourist spot. Also, the lake and palace views are something you need to see. You can find affordable and luxurious lodging here. It will depend on your budget to choose the ones you can afford.

Also, ensure that you visit the local markets and find great deals on clothes and handicrafts.


Kerala is a heavenly picturesque destination. Every city here offers scenic views and a chance for a relaxing vacation. Kumarakom is another top spot in the state. It is the best option for every couple who wants to explore the natural beauty of India. Also, you can experience the cultures and traditions of South India here.


If you love trekking and skiing, Gulmarg should be your pick. It is a famous hill station in Jammu and Kashmir. You can have fun in the snow adventure activities here and explore the local culture.

It is one of those destinations where you can find nature and adventure together.

Shillong and Cherapunjee

The northeast is India’s less explored, scenic gem. You can explore the falls, bazaars and the lively flora and fauna on a trip here. Also, it is an excellent choice if you wish to skip the crowds and have a long vacation with your partner in a scenic destination.


If you love beach views and parties, opt for a trip to Goa. It will offer you everything from exotic views, historic towns to the best parties. It is a top tourist spot in India, and many foreigners visit it each year. Book your direct flights to Goa from USA right now and start planning.


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