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The Indian Govt. is taking steps towards the digitization of the education sector and is introducing government rules for online classes to encourage higher education universities to offer fully-fledged online degree courses. Recently, UGC released guidelines regarding the two-degree program that allows students to complete two degrees simultaneously. Thus, students can opt for an online or distance learning degree program according to their preference. 

The reason for emphasizing online graduation courses is that it allows students to complete their graduate degree courses no matter if they belong to a big city or a village. Furthermore, the proliferation of electronic devices and the internet has played an important role in the availability of online graduate degree programs.

However, to ensure the quality of the online courses, the government has given some guidelines to online institutes. These guidelines decide which university can offer online courses and who can apply for the online course.

The Reason for Adopting Online Degree Courses In India

Distance education courses were introduced in 1962 in India as it was becoming increasingly difficult for students to complete their graduation in the traditional mode. But online degree courses were introduced in the Indian education system just a few years back.

When the all-India lockdown was imposed due to COVID-19 in 2020, the only possible way to continue studies was through online learning. It’s important to know about government rules for online classes and education was given online classes with the help of modern technology to students in cities and urban areas. However, due to a lack of technological devices, many students in rural areas were not able to continue their studies. 

So, the pandemic shows the importance of online education and the government should start focusing on the digitalization of the education sector in the country. Almost every public university in the country is now offering various bachelor’s and master’s degree courses to students across the country. Also, the future education system is going to be a mix of online and traditional learning.

UGC Regulations for Online Graduation Courses

  • Online institutes can only offer non-technical courses online but not technical courses such as engineering, pharmacy, dental, architecture, medicine, etc.
  • Institutes can offer online programs after taking permission from UGC.
  • The higher education institutions (HEI) must have 5 years old, minimum of 3.26 score on a four-point scale from NAAC, and belong to the top 100 universities for overall ranking by NIRF to offer online courses.
  • HEI can only offer courses in online mode which it has been offering in regular mode.
  • Online courses should be offered by the SWAYAM portal or any other portal approved by the UGC.

Who Can Apply for the Online Courses in India

Students who have completed their latest education from a government-recognized institute can opt for this course. Also, working professionals who have regular jobs can opt for this program. Also, students can complete their graduate degree in one year in some special conditions by opting for one-year degree courses. 

Newly assigned UGC chairman Jagdish Kuman said in a statement, “We are working on regulations through which top-rated institutions will be able to offer online courses from the academic session 2022-23. There will also be no cut-off for students to get admission to the programs offered online. The minimum qualification will be a Class 12 pass, on the basis of which students will be able to seek admission to their choice of course. “

Online Degree Courses: the Leading Mode of Higher Education

Even after two years, when everything is back to normal again, universities still offer degree courses in online mode. There are some features of the online graduation courses that make them one of the most suitable modes of attaining a higher education degree. As a result, are some points that prove to be advantageous in comparison to other modes of education- 

Online Degree Programs Are More Inexpensive

One of the foremost reasons for the popularity of online graduation degrees among students is their affordability. In online courses, students do not have to break the bank or take out education loans to complete their graduate degrees. This gives students the opportunity to attain a degree even if they are financially weak.  

Convenience In Pursuing an Online Degree Program

Online degree courses can be completed from home without regularly going to college. Also, it saves students from moving to another city, eating hostel food, transportation expenses, and others. Students should not have to commute to college every day to attend classes.  

Quality of the Courses

Many UGC accredited institutions are delivering top-notch online degree courses to students. The institutes offer various types of facilities to the students so they can attain full proficiency in the courses. In an online degree program, students can attend regular online classes through virtual conferences. In addition, they receive a wide range of study resources too.  

Online Graduation Courses Are More Flexible

The flexibility of the program is another feature that allows working professionals to complete their graduate degrees. Working professionals can choose to attend the classes at their convenience. In this way, working professionals can complete their higher education and work on a job simultaneously. 


The advancement of technology and the increase in the use of electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, desktops, computers, and tablets have made online education courses accessible to everyone. Besides, the government rules for online classes or Online Degree Courses are also working toward developing the education sector by offering online degree courses and digitalization of schools.

So, students can opt for many online graduation courses, such as online BA courses, online BBA courses, online BCA courses, online BCom courses, online BSc courses, online MBA courses, and others. In addition, the government also says only those online degrees that are obtained at UGC-approved distance education institutes are valid. 

Therefore, these efforts are going to increase the higher education literacy rate in India. Also, offer job opportunities to the students. Thus, opting for an online course can be an ideal option to complete their higher education.

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