Instagram Rumors The Smart Social Media Managers May Believe  


Are you able to distinguish Instagram (BUY INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS UK)fact from fiction? The world’s most renowned Instagram marketer Jenn Herman can do so and dispels common myths.


You’re an experienced social media expert who is aware of how to harness the potential that is Instagram … but recently, you’ve heard rumors. Rumors about Instagram are everywhere, and you’re convinced that some are real.


Luckily, Instagram marketing expert Jenn Herman has recently appeared with Social Pulse Weekly and busted the most common myths circulated right now.


1. If you have more than 10,000 fans, Instagram knocks down your post’s reach

Jenn Herman: “That’s a big fat NO. There’s no penalty for having a profile that is a business. There is no penalty for the number of followers you have.


“The truth is that when your following grows, you’ll gain an increase in casual fans. If there were 100 people following you, they’d probably be an emotional bunch.

They adored every single thing you did. Once you reach 1,000 followers, you’re likely to have good and loyal. However, you’ll have more casual followers once you reach 5,000, 10,000 or 20000.

It’s more often due to the saturation level, so you’ll see a decrease in reach. It’s normal.”


2. The first hour that follows your publication on Instagram is crucial to comment or respond

Jenn Herman “That’s not the truth. It’s not even a factor in any aspect of the story.


As it’s an essential part of building community. There’s no restriction on whether you must do it in 5 minutes or even an hour. This doesn’t matter.


“The algorithm that works the way it works is that your users determine your content’s ranking. This isn’t a popularity contest. When Jennifer enjoys my content daily, I’ll always appear as one of the most popular posts on her feed every time she logins.


Thus, Instagram has already ranked me in Jen’s feed. If she is logged within five minutes from now, five hours, five hours and five days, Instagram has already determined the best place to display my content in her feed based on the other people she follows.


It’s determined by her interaction and interaction with the content. The issue is not my response or how anyone reacts to my content.


The decisions are done by algorithms and artificial intelligence that runs in”the background.”


3. Shadow bans can be issued if you use the same hashtags too often.


Jenn Herman “It’s true. (And If you’re looking for evidence, look at my Instagram account as I utilize the identical hashtags every day in a series of.)


“This is continuously being discussed in the business and is believed to be the truth … but it’s not.

“Instagram will allow users to make use of hashtags. If they don’t care about where you utilize them, it’s unlikely that it will have an impact on your algorithm.


“I utilize hashtags such as #instagrammarketing, #instagramstrategy, and Instagram training as this is my job! I’m not planning to use them as this is what I do to ensure people can locate me. And I’m not punished for it. I have a tremendous reach.


“So it’s not a thing to suggest that you’ll be penalized for making the same hashtags and over … Make use of what you like, and take advantage of your hashtags.”


4. important to live stream

It is important to live stream all day long, no matter if just for two minutes, to use Instagram to boost your score on quality.

Advertising scores are high-quality, and Facebook advertising does … however, who wants to live stream every day?


In the live video, you must be there for as long as possible and get an audience.


“You need a framework for your live video. You don’t want to start a live stream because you’re just randomly going, do you?


“People quit watching if there’s no something of value with your live videos. A plan should back every single thing. If you’re only alive for a couple of minutes, you’ll only have two or three people turn in the event, if you’re lucky. What kind of community-building is this?


“Going live just for being live … isn’t going to benefit you, other than to waste everyone’s time. And, I’d say that it could harm you.

Since if you’re on the air and your audience is watching, and you’re engaging in activities that don’t bring value to your viewers, they’re likely to be less interested in your broadcast.”

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5. You shouldn’t alter your caption or the location for at least 24 hours, or it will reduce your reach.

Jenn Herman “Your rating is calculated when you make your comment.


“So If you’d like to change your location, or even create a new place, go ahead. There have been times when we’ve posted and thought, “Oh, no, there’s a typo in the very first sentence. It’s good to get it out there and make the necessary edits. It’s fine. It won’t impact any aspect of your life.


“Again, Instagram is not checking this information. These aren’t things that impact any performance, and they’re also not going to punish you for modifying your content to correct the error. That’s great!


6. You shouldn’t erase and then repost your image.

Jenn Herman “This happens quite often with younger users, and not necessarily business-related. The trend has shifted to the influencer realm.

Where people make a post and, when they don’t receive the kind of engagement they’d like, they’ll take it down and republish it when they believe they’ll get more engagement.


“It’s pure gaming. They’re just looking to get huge numbers. If they’re posting poorly, they believe it looks poor. They’d rather erase the post and begin instead of accepting that it did not perform as well.


“No, I’m not going to do it; it’s foolish. It’s just a waste of time.


“If you’re struggling with a poorly performing blog post, It’s likely due to many reasons. And from the perspective of the user, when I decide to share my content with friends and interact with it and make a comment or things.

The next day, after two days, the post is displayed in my feed, and I’m wondering where my comments? What’s the reason for this happening to me? I’m aware that I’m already engaged in this type of content.’


“So this isn’t aiding your current audience. It’s telling me that my initial comment and the rest of my comments weren’t enough for your needs. Therefore, now you have to search for the original comment again.


“It’s likely to harm you over the long term. It’s better to analyze what’s happening in the content. What was the reason that this post performed poorly? Was it because of the timing? Was it in competition with another highly-performing post?


“Begin to pay attention to the performance of your content and observe what’s working and which ones aren’t, and then apply your findings. There are a lot of factors that can be the reason why posts don’t perform well, rather than trying to make it better and hoping to improve next time.


7. Instagram is putting a high priority on using alt-text as a feature.

Jenn Herman “Tere’s no evidence to suggest that the issue has been given priority.


“However it can help you in this. Therefore, you can include alt text on any photo on Instagram.


“Alt text,” for those who don’t know, is a text description of what’s in an image when the photo isn’t loading and uses that bizarre little description to explain what it’s supposed to.


However, using alt text will aid you in your search results … At some point, we’ll all be able to discover that alt text will aid in Google searches. …”



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