There are several reasons to choose interlock steps. They are easy to install, durable, and require very little maintenance. They also reduce water runoff. This article will discuss a few advantages of simply visiting landscaping bowmanville. Interlock steps also have many other benefits, which you can read about below. These include Durability, Low Maintenance, and Water Runoff Reduction.


The first step to installing durable interlock steps is to mix the paving sand. This mixture combines sand and polymers, which act as a binding agent. Next, use a plate compactor to compact the sand into the joints. If the pavers are textured, you should place a thin plywood pad underneath the compactor to protect the stones from damage. After the sand has been mixed, use a level to check whether the paving sand is level.

Easy to install

The easy-to-install interlock steps system is an excellent choice for commercial and residential applications. Easy-to-install interlock steps have an elegant and classic look, making them an ideal centerpiece in any hardscape design. Installing these steps is relatively simple, but proper preparation is necessary. First, you will need to rake the sand between the interlocks, then use a plate compactor to compact the sand into the joints. Finally, place a protective pad under the compactor to avoid damaging the pavers.

Low maintenance

Interlocking pavers are an excellent choice for low-maintenance patios. The joints between pavers are often unsightly because weeds grow between the stones. Using a basic power washer will remove these stains and debris. Clearing debris between joints will also enable polymeric sand to fall into the joints. This provides stability to the steps. If the joints are clean, the sand will fall into the joints naturally, reducing the need for maintenance.

Reduces water runoff

In addition to being beautiful, interlocking steps reduces water runoff. Unfortunately, the increased water flows from impervious surfaces, and other landscapes into storm sewers and waterways threaten the quality and quantity of our drinking water. In addition, this pollution can contaminate waterways by eroding and washing away the valuable habitat of critters in our streams and rivers. Fortunately, there are many ways to reduce the impact of runoff.

Adds value

If you’re thinking of adding a step to your home, interlocking steps may be an excellent choice. These versatile steps can fit into almost any space, ranging from small to large. They can also be custom-made to fit a particular size, shape, or style. So whether you’re looking to add safety to your home or want a stylish addition to your property, interlock steps can provide you with the solution.


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