Yes, Arjuna NEET of Physics Wallah is enough for scoring a good rank in your examination. They give you an outline of the examination and your preparation as well. They’ve been paving millions of students through their youtube channel and with their app and website. Their portal provides video lectures for JEE, NEET, Physics, and Chemistry for the board examination. They also offer several other crash courses as well for your reference. They aim to provide quality content at minimum cost as, according to them, money should not be an issue in accomplishing one’s dream.

Description of  Arjuna NEET

Complete the Class 11 (NEET) Syllabus for the 2022-23 Session.

  • This collection will provide the Bridge Course (Basic Grade 11 Topics).
  • We will include Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (Botany, Zoology).
  • Live talks will be given from June 1st.
  • In case you missed a live class, you can see the recording of it anytime.
  • Lesson Planner and Assessment Planner are uploaded to the Collection Section.
  • Dedicated skills to resolve doubts through the use of state-of-the-art Doubt Engine.
  • PDF notes for each lesson will be uploaded.
  • Daily Practice Issues (DPP) and its Video Solution for each lesson will be uploaded after the presentations.
  • Completion of the syllabus Jan 2023.
  • The batch will be accessible until NEET ENTRANCE EXAM 2024.

How to prepare for it –

For your preparation, you can follow specific steps:

  1. Time Management- Time management is vital for your examination preparation. It helps to give time to fix each task, set a target, and complete a task. You can also refer to NEET Sample Papers for your reference. It’ll help you to set your goal.
  1. Refer to NCERT Textbooks- NCERT Textbooks are a must for the students preparing for any competitive examination. The first choice for students should always be NCERT Textbooks, and then afterward, they should refer to other supplementary textbooks to get a good score in the NEET examination.
  1. Make proper notes for the examination- If a student thinks they can ace an examination without making notes, they’re wrong. Without appropriate notes, they’ll not be able to remember anything and forget everything. They can also use module-wise tests for practice and revision.
  1. Formula List- For Physics and Chemistry, students should prepare a formula list so that they don’t go through the complete textbooks at the time of examination. The Physics wallah also provides unique study material. You can find it on their app or their website. You can refer to it

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