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When you think of selling your car, what comes to mind? Chances are, you think of a garage or driveway where you open up the hood and show off what makes your car such a reliable old friend. But not everyone has a yard or garage that can house their car. For those who don’t have access to those spaces, there’s another option: selling your junk car. If you’re thinking about selling your car for cash, here’s everything you need to know before making that decision.

What is Selling your Car for Cash?

When you get rid of your car for cash, you get a price for it that’s more than just cash. It’s also your car! That’s right. When you sell your car for cash. You can take the entire amount of the sale as a check or cash. You may also be able to choose between receiving the full amount of money up front or receiving a set amount of money — either way, you get to keep the car!

The Process of Selling Your Car for Cash

Step 1: Declare your vehicle as a total loss with your insurance company. If this has already been done, call your insurance company and told them.

Step 2: Contact a junk car buyer Melbourne to schedule a time to have your car picked up. Typically, you will need to have the car towed to a location where the buyer can pick it up.

Step 3: Schedule an appointment at a local junkyard or junk yard to have your car appraised.

Step 4: If the car is worth less than the amount you receive from the buyer. The car will be hauled away.

Step 5: If the car is worth more than the amount you receive from the buyer, you will get to keep the extra money and your car.

Know Before you Decide to Sell your Car

Before you decide to sell your car for cash, make sure you’re prepared for the process. Here are some things to think about before you make the decision. – Can you pick up the cash when the sale is concluded? – Does the car have any significant value? – Are you OK with the amount you will receive for the car? – Does the process of selling your car for cash affect your car insurance? – Other questions to consider are: What will happen to the car after the sale? How will you get around?

Check with Local Junkyards and See If they Buy Junk Cars

One thing you could try before selling your car for cash is reaching out to local junkyards and junk yards to see if they want to buy junk cars. Not only will you be able to gauge how much your car is worth, but you may also be able to find a buyer who would rather buy a junk car than a damaged, new car. Not only are junk yards and junkyards usually interested in old, damaged cars, but they also find them very profitable. If you happen to have a car with significant scratches or other damage, you may be able to get more for it at an auction or junkyard than you could at a car dealership.

Junk Cars can be Sold Online or at Auction

Junk cars can also be sold online. With online junk car sales, you can choose to sell your car to a company that ships the car to a location and then picks it up. This is typically called “remote car selling.” With remote car selling, the company will pick up your car  and then pay you the agreed-upon amount.

Another option is to sell your car at an auction. With an auction, the cars are sold to the public and then the proceeds are put towards a prize fund which could be a cash prize for the car that got the highest bid. It could be a new car for the car that got the lowest bid.

Bottom Line

If you want to sell your car for cash, there are some things you should know before making the decision. First, you should make sure your car is worth more than the amount you will receive for it. If so, you can sell your car for cash. Next, be prepared for the process of selling your car for cash. Check with local junkyards and see if they buy junk cars. Junk cars can be sold online or at auction. Keep in mind other things before you decide to sell your car for cash.


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