Keep yourself natural and cool by doing yoga in the summer
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You can keep yourself naturally cool in summers by doing yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises. Stay focused, healthy and happy with some easy yoga practices to stay focused on your goals. This yoga asana is for summers which help in cooling down your body temperature.

A practitioner observes the changes of seasons with a steady mind and acts according to these changes: Modify some daily yoga exercises to keep your body and mind fit in summer.

From yoga asanas to breathing exercises and visualization meditations, these have the ability to lower your body temperature and cool you down naturally.

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Tadasana (Mountain Pose):

Tadasana stretches the whole body from head to toe. Due to this stretch, the growth hormone of the body is activated and it works well in the body.

How to do:

  • Stand straight, keep your neck, waist, and legs straight.
  • Now when you inhale, spread both your hands upwards.
  • Slowly raise the legs up and stand on the toes.
  • Stretch your body as much as possible.
  • And during this, keep your legs and arms straight.


Sukhasana means to sit comfortably. It gives peace to the mind. 

How to do:

  • Sit on a yoga mat with your back straight and spread your legs.
  • After this, cross both the legs alternately, bend the knees inwards.
  • Knees should be on the outside and sit in a cross position.
  • Keep the waist and neck straight.
  • First of all, bend the knee of the left leg and place the toes under the thigh of the right leg.
  • And in the same way, bend the knee of the right leg and place the left leg under the thigh.
  • Keep both the hands in Gyan Mudra and place them on the knees.
  • Make sure your waist, back, neck, and head are in a straight line.
  • Keep breathing and exhaling normally.
  • Close your eyes and relax your mind and concentrate.
  • And remove all your negative thoughts from your mind.

Marjariasana (Cat Pose):

It is very easy to do this asana. By doing this asana, there is no tension in any kind of muscle. Exhaling or filling the breath brings coolness to the body. By doing this asana, the waist gets relief.

How to do:

  • Stand on your knees keeping both knees and both hands on the ground.
  • Keep your hands straight on the ground. Keep in mind that the hands are in line with the shoulders and rest the palm on the floor in such a way that the fingers are spread forward.
  • Now keep the hands in the line of the knees, the hands and hips should also be in one line with the floor.
  • After this, while pulling the spinal cord upwards, draw the breath in. Bring it in such a position that the back looks completely stretched in the concave position.
  • Keep breathing until the stomach is completely filled with air.
  • During this, keep the head elevated. Hold your breath for three seconds.
  • In the next step, raise the head and tilt the back from the middle.
  • Slowly exhale and completely empty the stomach and draw the hips in.
  • And again hold your breath for three seconds and come back to the normal position.


This asana removes the fatigue of our feet. Also, it brings flexibility to the feet. By doing this asana, your mind and body become calm.

How to do:

  • To do this, sit straight and straighten your legs.
  • Now breathe in and while exhaling, lift the heels of the feet and bend the knees as well.
  • Now try to fit these ankles together.
  • After this, with the help of one of your toes and finger, hold the other toe.
  • While doing this, you should raise your back leg.
  • After this, move both your knees up and down like butterfly wings.
  • Stay in this posture for about 3-5 minutes.
  • And now breathe in and relax by straightening the knee of your leg.


The most important thing in Shavasana is to meditate while lying down. By doing this, not only your body but also your mind cools down. This asana is meant to focus your attention and gradually relax the mind and body.

How to do:

  • First, lie down on your back in this posture.
  • Keep a little gap in your feet. And keeping both your hands near the waist, turn the palms towards the sky.
  • And while doing this asana, leave your whole body loose.
  • Then breathe in and out 15 to 20 times.
  • And keeping your body loose, bring all your attention to the area between the eyes.
  • During this, the eyes will remain closed. And at least think or consider.
  • Pay attention to the incoming breath.
  • In the beginning, you can increase it from 3 minutes to 20 minutes.

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Sheetali Pranayama(Cooling Breath):

Sheetali pranayama is the best pranayama yoga for summer which reduces the effect of excessive body heat. While doing this yoga asana, air enters inside with a moist tongue. Hence it cools down and provides comfort and peace to both the mind and the body.

When you exhale, the warm air expels the heat. The body temperature decreases in this case.

How to do:

  • Sit comfortably crisscrossed, keep your back straight and place your palms on your knees.
  • And take out the tongue and twist it from both sides so that it becomes like a tube-like bird’s beak.
  • Inhale air from this tube and fill the lungs completely.
  • When the pressure reaches the navel, it should be applied to the diaphragm.
  • Now put your tongue in and close your mouth.
  • Hold the breath for a while, then exhale slowly through the nose.
  • Keep doing this action for three to five minutes.


Do yoga for heat, meditation, and breathing, and keep yourself cool. Stay focused, healthy, and happy with some short exercises to stay focused on your goals. To keep the body and mind cool in summer, you must practice yoga for summer which helps in cooling down your body temperature.


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