fixed deposit

A fixed deposit, also known as a term deposit, is a safe investment option for striking the correct balance in one’s financial portfolio. In India, banks and financial institutions offer fixed deposits as a financial tool. It is one of the safest investment options, with strong yields and various tenor options.

What is an FD Calculator?

A fixed deposit calculator is a tool that calculates the maturity amount that an investor should expect at the end of a selected term for a given deposit amount at the current rate of interest.

A fixed deposit calculator is a tool that calculates the amount of interest that can be earned on a fixed deposit. The maturity amount is calculated using the deposit amount, FD interest rate, and fixed deposit tenor. The maturity amount is the amount received after the term of the FD. It is the total interest generated on the principal (deposit amount).

Like any other financial decision, investing in an FD requires establishing one’s budget and making it work in tandem with one’s financial goals.

The goal of a fixed deposit is to reduce risk while providing guaranteed earnings. There is still a significant risk when investing in the market (such as stock mutual funds). To a certain extent, your FD investment can assist in absorbing losses. You should know how much to put into your FD account for this. And utilising the FD Calculator, you can simply estimate this.

The fixed deposit calculator can also compare the many types of fixed deposit schemes offered by banks and other financial institutions. One can determine which scheme provides the best returns over the specified period.

Benefits of Using an FD Calculator

The following are some of the significant advantages of using the FD Calculator:

  • Because it’s an automatic calculator, there’s no room for error.
  • Zeroing in time-consuming computations for many tenures, amounts, and rates saves time and effort. 
  • Because the tool is free, users can use it multiple times to compare returns for various FD rates, tenures, and amounts.

FAQs on FD Calculator

What is an FD Calculator, exactly?

An FD calculator is a tool that determines how much money you’ll gain when you invest in a fixed deposit (FD). This calculator considers the deposit amount, the term of the FD, and the current fixed deposit rate for that term.

What information is needed to utilise an FD Calculator?

To utilise an FD calculator, you’ll need the deposit amount, the deposit duration, and the current FD rates.

Is it free to use an FD calculator?

Yes, an FD calculator can be used for free at any time and time.

Is the maturity amount computed by the tool a precise figure or a rough estimate?

The FD interest calculator’s values are the most accurate approximation. It is because rates may fluctuate when purchasing (e.g. in case of premature withdrawal). As a result, the data are solely for reference, offering the best estimate.

What is the minimum term for which a fixed deposit can be held?

Customers can make a fixed deposit for a minimum of seven days. Some banks, however, may have better value.

Is the interest on a fixed deposit tax-deductible?

Yes. The interest on a savings account is taxable. Investors can claim deductions of up to Rs. 1.5 lakh every financial year under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

What is the fixed deposit interest rate for senior citizens?

Most banks provide older persons preferential FD rates (e.g. 0.25 per cent extra). Preferential interest rates are awarded at varying proportions for different tenures for institutions.

Is a PAN card required when opening a fixed deposit account?

Yes. When applying for any FD plan, the PAN card must be shown.

Is there a separate FD calculator for older citizens and tax-avoidance FDs?

There isn’t a fixed deposit calculator specifically for tax-saving FDs or for older residents. To compute the maturity amount, the tool needs the deposit amount, tenure, and fixed deposit interest rates.


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