What to put in a picture-perfect bag?-Girl nine’s guide to all essentials in your bag

Hey girls! Whether you are heading out for a lunch date, a busy day at office or a university trip one thing that is essential for you. Yes, you have guessed it right! A bag full of essentials. And it’s even better if the bag is sleek, stylish and speaks of your personality. You must be thinking where to find such bags for ladies that have all these in one. You are in luck today because that’s what Girlnine’s Bag Collection is: Sleek, stylish and convenient. 

Girlnine’s Bags Collection-What’s all the hype about? 

Girlnine’s collection of bags for girls are the talk of the town. We offer all kinds of bags for all kinds of days! Our collection offers a wide variety of simple and sophisticated clutches smaller in size that are perfect to carry on everyday basis; backpacks with lots of space and adjustable shoulder straps for your college and university. They are roomy, classy and easy to carry. 

Of course, we couldn’t forget a classic handbag when it comes to ladies bags in Pakistan. Our handbags are high in quality and sizzling in design, multi-purpose, big on space and ideal for every occasion. Girlnine offers plain and sleek crossbody satchel bags that are small, and fun, without adding extra burden to your shoulder. Tulip, Poise, Monica, Denali, Everest, Chic, and Glamor are our women’s bag collections to reflect on your mood and style. Ladies handbags that are smart, chic and easy to carry are always in demand and we at Girlnine offer the perfect solution to all your handbag needs. 

What to carry in your bag?-A mask’s a must

So ladies! Let’s come down to the real question. What must be carried in your ladies purse? Well there is surely a complete list of essentials that women lifestyle need to carry with them every day and everywhere. But first things first:

Regardless of if you are a man or a woman, during the ongoing global pandemic, a face mask tops the list of carry along essentials any day. But all sensible people would know that’s not where a face mask belongs. It belongs on your face! Yes, one should keep a spare one in your bag but one must use one to cover the face. A storing masks in women’s handbags is a great idea since you know someone around you must have forgotten to wear theirs. Do yourself and others a favor: if you got a great bag from Girlnine’s bag gallery, now keep a handy bottle of sanitizer, a pack of pocket tissues and some gloves too because it’s a freaking pandemic! Keep yourself protected so you are around to keep flaunting your bags around!  

So women! How about we boil down to the genuine inquiry. What should be conveyed in your women handbag? Well there is unquestionably a total rundown of fundamentals that ladies need to convey with them consistently and all over the place. However, first of all:

Notwithstanding on the off chance that you are a man or a lady, during the continuous worldwide pandemic, a face cover beat the rundown of convey along fundamentals quickly. However, all reasonable individuals would realize that is not where a face cover has a place. It has a place all over! Indeed, one should keep an extra one in your sack yet one should utilize one to cover the face. A putting away veils in ladies’ purses is a good thought since you know somebody around you probably neglected to wear theirs. Help yourself as well as other people out: in the event that you got an extraordinary sack from Girlnine’s sack exhibition, presently keep a convenient container of sanitizer, a pack of pocket tissues and a few gloves too in light of the fact that it’s a cracking pandemic! Keep yourself secured so you are around to continue to display your sacks around!

Beautiful inside and out: 

Time to get down to real essentials now! You don’t want to be toting too much of things into your bag on a regular basis. Carrying around too many devices, heavy books, spare clothes can lead to a number of problems for your health and body like constant back ache, debunking of shoulder bones, and deformed body posture. That is why we narrowed down the list of essentials to a few minimums in your hand purse. For starters, a hair elastic, a pony and a few bobby pins is your best friend in case of bad weather or the one already in your hair breaks, or a wardrobe malfunctioning. Followed by even important item; some over the counter medications and saniplasts. A ladies wallet is completely useless if a Panadol or a dispirin cannot be drawn from it. 

There’s nothing worse when you are out and your phone’s battery runs out. So a portable charger or a power bank is always recommended. One essential that cannot be ignored if you are heading out of your house is a tampon or sanitary pad. You might not need it, someone else around you surely can. A ladies purse always has space for one in case your hormones kick in. 

Regardless of whether you’re using hand frees to listen to music or as an expressive gesture that you’re not in the disposition for a discussion, these are non-debatable. Other essentials include business cards and some candies just in case you feel like your sweet-cravings are going haywire. These are often optional but advisable.  

Girlnine’s Bag Collection-Every women’s choice: 

Are you ready to buy your favorite women’s bags at an afford price and flaunt them anywhere you go? Girlnine’s bag collection is the ultimate go-to option for every ladies’ handbag needs. We aim to provide high-quality, stylish and durable handbags online. We promise to bring premium products at your doorstep. To get a chic cool handbag in a combination of beauty & elegance, Girlnine offers completely customer friendly pricing and 100% durability for an ultimate experience. Trendy plain cross body satchel bags, clutches, easy to carry shoulder bags, stylish tote bags from Girlnine’s Collection are available for you to pick a bag that suits your style and daily needs.  


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