Latest 10 Online Digital Marketing Courses in India [2022]
Latest 10 Online Digital Marketing Courses in India [2022]

One of the most sought-after courses on the planet is digital marketing, and interest in it is soaring. If you want to enter this booming industry, a certificate programme could be your ticket to a prosperous future. However, how can a newbie choose which programme and organisation is best for their needs?

Please allow us to help you. To assist you choose and enrol in the best course for you, we’ve produced a list of the top 10 online digital marketing courses in India along with their USPs, Pros, and Cons.

Before that, there are a few more aspects of a job that an applicant should be aware of.

Proof that there is a significant demand for digital marketers

If you haven’t been living on another planet, you probably know about the recent boom in the ed-tech sector. E-commerce has undoubtedly developed significantly during the past several years. In India, both B2B and B2C businesses have expanded and prospered, as has the startup ecosystem. These most recent developments have raised need for experts in digital marketing. It’s also important to note that this company was among those that avoided the brunt of the Covid19 pandemic. Additionally, the bulk of jobs in this sector are stable and secure.

What are the benefits of finishing a certificate programme in digital marketing?

Even though there are many free online courses available, enrolling in a paid course taught by a qualified instructor with current course materials and legitimate credentials can completely transform your career. It offers the ideal setting for someone looking for work or wanting to advance in their profession. The advantages of a digital marketing certificate programme are as follows.

The options include working as a freelancer, starting your own business, managing others, serving as a trainer or instructor, and landing well-paying marketing jobs with reputable international companies and agencies.

  • high degrees of stability and security
  • Discover the many business and marketing disciplines.
  • Opportunity to work as a consultant on your own and with several companies, giving you the chance to create multiple income streams.
  • When choosing a course or institute, take into account the following elements.

Enrolling in a reputable digital marketing school is the next step if you’re committed to achieving those benefits. But this is where a lot of prospects fall short. They don’t make the greatest choice, and as a result, their accreditation isn’t “good enough” to compete in this market. So let’s have a look at the considerations to make before we examine the top ten institutions.

Comprehensive and current training module:

Given how quickly the digital sector is developing, it is essential that the course provide in-depth, world-class training.

a well-known certification that is both current and relevant:

The industry has a few well-known certifications, including those from Google and Hubspot as well as the leading digital marketing educational institutions in the nation. You can better showcase your skills when applying for jobs if you have the necessary qualifications.

Training for live projects:

Although theoretical knowledge in digital marketing is easy to learn, a candidate only gains practical experience by working on live projects. Knowing the best practises and being familiar with the right tools are ultimately what count. If you merely possess theoretical knowledge, you will only be a somewhat competent professional.

After all, the main goal is to seize a great chance, correct? Choose a college that lists placement assistance as one of its primary services. The fact that an internship or employment is offered right after the course is the most crucial attribute of a recognised college.

Analyze the comments:

Select a school that has received favourable reviews on its website or social media pages. To confirm the accuracy of the reviews, reach out to people who have taken the course.

The Top 10 Online Digital Marketing Courses in India

After discussing the factors to consider while picking an institute, let’s have a look at the top 10 digital marketing institutes in India to help you decide.

1. Upgrad

A major institute, MICA, has teamed with Upgrad, one of the top online education providers, to provide an advanced certificate in digital marketing and communication. The full 6-month course is conducted online.

Why Upgrade? Having access to industry professionals and MICA alumni status.

Online education has several benefits, such as convenience, support, and a high chance of employment.

Drawback: It is the most expensive option available in India for “Advanced Certification.” No internship will be compensated. You must have finished your schooling in order to be admitted.

2. Udemy

With its various courses and range of “light on the pocket” digital marketing certification programmes, Udemy has something for every type of learner. The length might vary, and students can access the content whenever it’s convenient for them.

why use Udemy because it provides convenient, affordable, and flexible learning options.

Advantages: Comprehensive and current training materials, as well as experienced instructors.

There are drawbacks such as the absence of a specialised institute, a placement or networking opportunity, actual projects, a specialised degree, and a paid internship.

3. The National Institute of Digital Education

One of Asia’s top institutions for digital education, NIDE, has made a name for itself as a trustworthy source for certificate programmes in digital marketing. They provide carefully designed courses that are perfect for new entrepreneurs, seasoned professionals, and job seekers alike.

NIDE: Why? In addition to a three-month paid internship, NIDE also provides a three-month training programme. The minimum pay throughout the internship is between Rs. 8,000 and Rs. 12,000 per month. Payment of tuition is simple to reclaim. Trainers have been offered by Facebook, Google, Amazon, Paytm, Flipkart, Myntra, Infosys, Cars24, and other businesses. extensive on-the-job training under the guidance of an expert. For six months, freelancers and business owners are given free incubation. exposure to commercially available digital marketing technologies.

Benefits: Learn from IIM alumni and senior-level e-Commerce marketing executives. three-month paid internship, complete job placement assistance, current instruction, and student support

The enrolling screening test must be passed with proficiency in English communication.

4. Coursera

A variety of digital marketing courses are available through Coursera, a well-known ed-tech platform that partners with influential figures in education and addresses the objectives of digital education and communication.

Why Coursera? – Certification that is acknowledged worldwide

Advantages include flexibility, project work submissions, and adaptability for working professionals looking to advance their careers.

Not good for new hires; lacks placement assistance; little individual or one-on-one guidance; offers little opportunity for networking No internship will be compensated.


The institute provides a comprehensive advanced digital marketing training programme with expert education and placement support. Their standing is on par with that of Facebook and Google.

IIDE: Why? A few of the causes include exposure to digital marketing tools and meetings with business people.

A few benefits include placement assistance, current course material, and student support.

Costly education without a paid internship is a drawback.

6. Academy Of Digital Marketing

They are a pioneer in digital education in India. The term Academy Of Digital Marketing is well-known in this field, and it has a staff of trainers who are all very skilled. For a range of demands, there are numerous short- and long-term courses available.

Why Academy Of Digital Marketing? – Skilled instructors and discounts on a wide range of digital marketing equipment.

Advantages: Provides placement aid and offers both online and classroom training. It also has frequent batches and collaborates with respected certification partners.

7. Delhi School of Internet Marketing

Primary classroom instruction is provided by DSIM, a complete provider of digital marketing training, which has facilities all over India. They offer training to educational institutions, corporations, and individuals.

DSIM: Why? because it aids in placement and is preferred to traditional classroom instruction.

The benefits include specialised training for entrepreneurs, professionals in the workforce, aspiring business owners, and job seekers, as well as free resources, largely offline training, and lifetime access to course materials.

One drawback is that there isn’t any individualised attention or guidance, and there isn’t a paid internship.

8. Indian School of Business Management

One of the greatest in the nation, ISBM is a business school that changes careers in business administration. One of their most well-liked correspondence programmes is a diploma in digital marketing. It is divided into 13 modules, each of which lasts for three to six months.

Why is ISBM? because it provides a reliable certificate at a reasonable price.

Benefits include access to a placement forum, alumni status with ISBM, top trainer coaching, and student support.

Constraints include lack of personalization, networking opportunities, and paid internships.

9. All India Management Association

In collaboration with Digital Vidya, the institute provides a variety of distance learning courses, including an online and offline PG Diploma in Digital Marketing. There are 7 units in the 5-month-long course.

Why is AIMA? because it provides a reliable certification at a reasonable price and assistance with finding a career.

Experienced instructors, training and workshops, job placement aid, and actual hands-on experience are all advantages.

Limitations on scheduling options, few networking opportunities, lack of a paid internship, and the institute’s lack of reputation in the field of digital education are some of the drawbacks.

10. Digital Scholar

Positive reviews helped this institute get a spot on the list. It offers three-month totally online courses for both free and a fee.

How come Digital Scholar? because it provides modern education and assistance with job placement.

Benefits: The training is accessible from anywhere and has instructors who are top digital marketers.

A drawback is the absence of assistance from prestigious universities and professors serving as trainers.

Remember, No Paid Internship, that the right exposure to and knowledge of the sector will make all the difference as you select a degree.

Many students are unclear about whether they should enrol in a free or paid course when they wish to start a new career by taking a new course like digital marketing.

There are a tonne of free resources for learning digital marketing in the form of video tutorials, blogs, and newsletters due to the quick spread of knowledge on the internet. These have sparked interest in the material and drawn attention to the tremendous prospects for career progression in this field.

While some people prefer to learn from free course materials, others favour fully fledged paid courses that come with respected certificates and placements to aid in the launch of their professions. This blog is for you if you have the same inquiry.

Let’s look at two prevalent myths about digital marketing courses to set the stage before discussing whether you should take a free or premium course.

Myth: Having a wide-ranging digital marketing portfolio is acceptable.

Reality: To pass this course, you must have both knowledge and skill. Furthermore, instead of continuing with the catch-all title of “digital marketers,” one must select a specialised specialisation and excel in it. The most well-known niches are social media marketing, email marketing, Google AdWords, content marketing, and SEO specialists.

Myth: Anyone may learn from free online resources and succeed in their industry.

Reality: Not everyone learns on their own, and free courses can’t meet all learning goals.

In the field of education, myths like these and others abound.

Here are some things to compare and contrast, along with some benefits of the paid course over the free.


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