When it comes to girls’ boarding schools, Dehradun is one of the most sought-after options in India. With some of India’s finest boarding schools, Dehradun is surely amongst the top choices for girls Boarding School education in India due to the safe and healthy atmosphere it offers. Dehradun is one of the top reviewed destinations for girls boarding schools education in India as well as abroad. Since the British period, Dehradun has been a center for education. There are many best boarding schools in Dehradun for girls with more than a hundred years of history.

Searching for the best schools for boarding located in Dehradun for your kids is the toughest task. The majority of schools within the Doon valley provide the highest quality in education, as well as exposure to both cultural and social values, as well as games and sports that are vital to the growth of the kid throughout their early years. Every parent dreams of providing the best quality education for their children in the world, and to achieve that they’ll go through every obstacle. From long and tedious admissions processes to increasing tuition fees, parents do not leave a single opportunity unexplored to give their children the best education possible.

The search for top schools for boarding in Dehradun is a very difficult task for parents of thousands who want to provide their children with an international-standard education as well as quality boarding school in Dehradun. Students and their parents have to find the appropriate information and sources to satisfy their desire to get higher education at the Dehradun boarding schools.

The most prestigious boarding schools in Dehradun offer unique learning opportunities that aren’t available in the daytime school system in the same manner. The students who attend boarding schools develop into more independent, self-confident, and possess better social abilities. Children of diverse backgrounds who attend a boarding school have access to an array of experiences that community day schools do not have. Boarding schools have a 24 X7 program that gives them the opportunity to include more events and activities in the school calendar, resulting in greater overall development, including the ability to lead.

Over the last decade, Dehradun or Doon has dramatically developed as an important hub to host residential schools in northern India. The school for boarding students in Dehradun offers specially designed programs that promote the importance of education among students from various regions. The Dehradun boarding schools encourage continuous interaction between students and boost their confidence when working with others. The boarding schools provide an excellent social environment and encourage the development of cognitive abilities like memory as well as attention and thinking in students.

Here know the list of best boarding schools in Dehradun for girls:

  • The Asian School

The Asian School is one of the most prestigious schools for boarding in Dehradun. Since its beginning in 2000, it has been one of the most favored schools for boarding by parents from across the country. The stunning view from the campus is a bonus to the beauty of the school. The co-educational school is based on a CBSE program and has classes from I to XII. At this institution, the individuality of each child is celebrated as they introduce the children to Indian practices and the latest technology. Additionally, the school encourages each child to understand the importance of being environmentally mindful. The school offers separate facilities for girls and boys on the campus. The hostels are all well equipped and provide all the amenities that allow children to grow and live in a space that they consider to be their own.

Specialized programs of this school help students who wish to sit to take the ISA as well as IIT/PMT. Activities-based learning is offered at the elementary and middle school levels. In this way, The Asian School offers activity-based learning at the middle and primary school levels. The menu offered by the school kitchen is comprised of South Indian, Punjabi, Chinese, and Continental cuisine. Educational excursions are offered during the mid-term break.

  • Welham Girls School

Welham Girls School is one of the well-known schools for girls in Dehradun. The school was the idea of the headmistress of Welham Boys School, HS Oliphant, who was interested in developing a platform of equal education for girls from the newly independent India. It was established in 1937. This school is affiliated with the CISCE board and has classes from VI through XII. In order to help students be multi-faceted, skills-based classes like yoga Kathak, Bharatnatyam, and instrumental music are provided. At Welham Girls School, at the beginning of each term, an annual health check-up for students is scheduled.

  • Unison World School

Unison World School is a well-known girl’s boarding school in Dehradun. The boarding school for girls was established in 2007. Unison World School follows the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) and Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE). The curriculum and the board structure are designed to provide a framework to diversify the student’s intelligence and various promenades to help students realize their potential. The school provides high-quality education to girls from 5th-12th, with the most prestigious academic facilities, co-curricular, and living.

  • The Indian Public School

The Indian Public School is one of the famous schools for boarding in Dehradun. The co-educational boarding school was founded in 2001. It is an Indian Public School. Indian Public School is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and has students from I to XII. It is the Indian Public School is all about bringing out the best of quality of life and working together to learn. It is the Indian Public School that provides the most effective education for students and in addition to academics, also concentrates on extracurricular activities. The school aids students in maximizing their potential by giving them many opportunities and an enormous range of opportunities.

  • Shigally Hill International Academy

Shigally Hill International Academy is an best girls’ boarding school in Dehradun. The girls’ boarding school was opened by the late Mr. G.S Babra in 2003. Shigally Hill International Academy is affiliated with the Council for Indian Certificate Examination (CISCE) and offered the most excellent education for students. The boarding school is regarded as a leader for the development of intelligence in every student, which is developed through the creation of a conducive environment and facilities. The boarding school has an extremely challenging and revitalized program that encourages the ability to think critically and contributes to the development of leadership skills.





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