Before the discovery of the internet, work from home had zero scopes. However, nowadays, with the advent of the internet and the craze for freelancing, remote workers’ populations have increased by a wide margin.

People often misunderstand the normality of remote jobs. Work from home is like any other in-office job. It, too, has its pros and cons, that is, advantages and disadvantages.

It doesn’t matter if you are doing remote typing jobs or any other part-time remote job. We have a list of things that all people who work from home will relate to and understand.

In the list given below, we have tried to name some fun moments, frustrating and weird times that all remote workers have faced at one point or the other.

What does this bizarre list of struggles and benefits for remote workers include?

  1. The monstrous pandemic has made the daily lives of remote workers mundane, if not anything else. Hence, to add some spice to the lives of remote workers, the entire population of employees has decided to indulge in frequent online food delivery.

One common fun thing that all of you will relate to is your amiable nature with the delivery boys. Why? Because they are the only people who visit you often.

2. Pandemic means isolation. Isolation means no going to the gym to shed some calories. Hence, all remote workers have started treating their daily chores as workout periods.

For example – people who are working from home think of sweeping the house as a workout medium.

3. When employees and employers had to go to the office to get some official work done, they didn’t have the freedom to munch on snacks or drink coffee while the work went on. However, this scenario has changed during this epidemic.

For example – Since most meetings happen on Zoom, you, as a remote worker, have the option to mute your video and drink coffee or munch on some peanuts as the meeting goes on.

4. One of the most frustrating things about in-office jobs was the dressing up. But, in this period of work from home, you can take up work calls in your bathrobe or night dresses. It is a fun thing that all of you are going through every day. Aren’t you?

5. One of the most relieving things for remote workers is the riddance from the entire commute problem. Neither do you have to travel to get to your office at the assigned time, nor you have to worry about catching the seven-thirty bus to get back home safe and sound.

Another instance where the commute problem becomes unbearable is when you have to walk to your apartment while there is water-logging in the area.

6. Once upon a time, there were days when you couldn’t binge watch any show on Netflix during your breaks without sneaking away from your work desk and without thinking twice about disturbing the fellow workers.

However, the time has come when you can play any movie or tv-series on any online streaming platform during your breaks without hesitating.

7. Do you remember those days when your colleagues would circle your desk and ask if you want to go and have lunch with them?

Those days are long gone. Nowadays, in your life as a work from home employee, you might not even remember to have lunch till it is around five in the evening. Why? It is because you don’t have those colleagues anymore.

8. The favorite pastime of people is to gossip and taunt other people. Remote workers have to struggle to bear the taunts. They receive it first-hand.

What kind of taunts do people working from home face? According to our society, all remote workers are idle and have no real work because they stay hunched upon their laptops all day at home.

9. One of the things that only people working from home will understand is having friends without meeting them. How is that possible?

The life of freelancers can be lonely. In-office employees, at least, meet their colleagues who become acquaintances that can transcend to friendships. So, once you are stuck in your apartment doing your job, you need friendly colleagues from time to time.

The myth that real-life friends are true friends becomes faulty in this case. All remote workers have one thing in common, that is, having friends-cum-colleagues whom they haven’t talked face-to-face, only via Zoom meetings or Google meet.

10. All remote workers have realized one thing for sure. What is it? They have understood that their

Work flexibility can be a source of jealousy and envy for other people who don’t have the privilege to work from home or those who have lost their in-office jobs during the pandemic.

11. Have you ever felt awkward while meeting your colleagues? For example – you aren’t sure whether to shake their hands or exchange a high-five or hug. This awkwardness gets nullified when you work from home. How?

All you have to do is attend the meeting through video conference. Henceforth, there is no room for shaking hands, hugs, and high-fives. So, all remote workers enjoy this relief.

12. Have you noticed while you were doing an in-office job, you aren’t allowed to brainstorm ideas out loud? Remote jobs have resolved this frustrating issue.

Since you are in the comfort of your home, you can pace around, think loudly and verbally, speak to yourself until you find the idea for your copywriting demo or content writing headline.

13. Haven’t there been multiple occasions when you wanted to take a power nap during office hours? You don’t need to worry about the guilt of falling asleep while sitting on your chair at the office.

Why? Don’t fret anymore because you have your bed to fall asleep on during a break from work. A remote job includes a perfect recipe for a quick nap. Isn’t it?

14. Another thing that most people working from home undergo is the change in the clothes that they have to launder. Now, you might ask what kind of change we are referring to.

Once you begin working from home full-time, you will realize that you don’t change clothes as frequently as you should. Another change is that pajamas are the only clothes that you wear now, unlike before.

15. One of the most irritating struggles of doing full-time work from home jobs is having the urge to sleep a bit more than usual. Since your work timings are flexible, you might find it tough to begin grinding at your previous in-office timings.

Now, even if you stop snoozing the alarm for the next twenty minutes, you will again struggle while deciding whether to dress up or dress down since none of your colleagues are here to judge your appearance.

16. Lastly, all remote workers with pets can relate to the fact that they spend a majority of their time talking to the pet rather than to real human beings.

Our last words on what all remote workers can relate to –

At times, people working from home have to shuffle from apologizing in your virtual meeting because your dog growled or your cat meowed to drink coffee and eat in this period of work from home junk food during all mealtimes.

The life of people working from home is definitely very different from the life of people who have to walk into their cabin at sharp 9 AM every day. Hope you gained an insight into the life of all remote workers.


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