mbbs course in china
  1. Guangxi Medical University (GMU)

The Guangxi medical university at picaresque in the city of Nanning. It is also known as the GMU. It was established on 21st November 1934. This university is included in the list of the 22 oldest medical universities in China. In China, this university is one of the 30 universities eligible to launch an MBBS course in China in the English medium. The university gets its due support from the government of Guangxi. The GMU (Guangxi Medical University) was established in 1934 as the Guangxi provincial medical school. In 1949 the campus was shifted to the Guilin. The Guangxi Medical University (GMU) has nine-year programs, including clinical medicine, preventive medicine, oral medicine, pharmacy, nursing, dentistry and nursing, community medical care, and cosmetics.

  1. Shihezi University

The Shihezi University is an advanced but comprehensive university located in Shihezi. The city of gardens is located in Xinxiang by manas on the northern foothills of mount Tianshan on the north. The central government designated the university as a premier institution for its development in north-western China in August 2000. The Shihezi University was ranked as the premier built university under the ‘211 project ‘on December 31, 2008. The university of education offers ten attributes in the fields of agriculture, engineering, economics, education, history, law, medicine, trade and management, literature and art, science. This university is equipped with up-to-date scientific research and learning facilities. It has a fully equipped library, gymnasium (gyms), a multi-dimensional stadium, and a library of modern learning buildings. The university is located at a distance of 1,870, 000 square meters. It also has a book collection site of the food and agriculture organization of the United Nations.

  1. Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SHUTCM)

Its establishment has led to the introduction of many alumni who have been strengthened by their education and have developed noble careers. Some of them are famous doctors, some of them are specialized research workers and some are working in community health services. Because of the defined education characteristic of heritage, ‘origin and innovation is the spirit’, the university has achieved much in recent years both in education and research. The well-organized and meritorious staff consists of nearly 4,500 teachers and administrative staff of the university. Professional titles of around 750 teacher high posts, including China engineering academy, famous national Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor, and state-level leaders of science. A good academic environment for both university studies and research, focusing on encouraging and attracting talent from both within the country and abroad, and the international college of education will also recruit talent for high-level and high-quality teaching staff.

  1. Qingdao University (QDU)

Qingdao University (QDU) is located in China’s eastern coastal city Qingdao, situated in a beautiful setting between the yellow sea and the fawn mountains. Enriched by the spirit of the time, local culture and Shandong with the friendly support of the provincial government enabled the Qingdao University (QDU) to develop into a new type of wider university. Nowadays, the Qingdao University (QDU) has developed into a large, well-managed, comprehensive university in similar domestic universities. The Qingdao University (QDU) with 23 colleges has 80 undergraduate programs for subjects like liberal arts, history, law, economics, management, science, engineering, medicine, and education. With the goal of Qingdao University (QDU) to maintain a high standard of modern management and globalization, the university is developing rapidly and steadily in international exchange and cooperation. It has set up an educational partnership and exchange programs with 130 universities and colleges in 20 countries and regions including the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan.

  1. Jilin University (JLU)

Jilin University (JLU) is a leading national university under the direct jurisdiction of the ministry of education, China. Located at Changchun, the capital of the district province of northeast China consists of eight precincts in five districts of China, having a home to eleven academic disciplines such as dealing, the law of education, history, science, engineering, farming, and management, philosophy, literature, medicine. JLU (Jilin University) offers various degree programs including 115 undergraduate programs, 192 master degree programs, 105 doctoral degree programs, and seventeen post-doctoral programs. Faculty members have gone abroad thousands of times, whereas more than 500 foreign experts have been invited to attend international conferences, deliver lectures or conduct joint research on the campus. Currently, more than 1200 foreign students enrolled in Jilin University (JLU). Life is pleasant for international students. Every year the university organizes several academic and cultural events, including seminars, forums, speech competitions, and demonstrations on various topics. 150 groups of students and organizations enriched the life of campus with colored activities.


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