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Who is John Abbas?

John Abbas is the host of the Mentor Nation Podcast, where he brings world-class leaders, entrepreneurs, and people doing unique and interesting things to his show. He interviews them in his podcast, where they share their journeys, stories, and best advice. What is more inspiring and motivating than hearing about the real-life experiences of successful people from diverse fields? 

John Abbas personally believes in mentors and emphasizes having a personal mentor can transform people’s lives, regardless of their current situation. Being from a modest family, learning life the hard way by failing continuously, John Abbas had a challenging life until he met his first mentor at the age of 29. 

After meeting his first mentor accidentally on a plane ride back from LA, the conversation and relationship changed his life forever. Within a year of meeting his mentor, John Abbas made over six figures and was able to pay off his debts. He believes in the power of mentorship and the people we spend the most time with. Undoubtedly, having positive, happy, and influential people around us will elevate our thinking, improve our habits, and aid a successful life. 

Yes, today, John Abbas has several businesses, many mentors and he wants to give back to society. He does so by hosting Mentor Nation Podcasts for people who are lost in life and desperately looking for some guidance. 

Why should you listen to the Mentor Nation Podcast with John Abbas?

Mentor Nation Podcast has some best podcasts where you can listen to John interacting with guests from diverse fields sharing their best wisdom. The main vision of John is to help people achieve success in their professional or personal lives by having the right mentor. 

He invites people from every walk of life and interacts with them. John knows how to strike the right chord and makes it easier for the guests to open up. Thus, the audience can connect with the guests seamlessly. All people love stories and care about other people’s genuine effort behind their present success. 

By listening to John having a meaningful conversation with all those experts from diverse fields, users will get to understand a different dimension of life. That, in turn, will enable you to be more aware and practice mindfulness in several aspects of life that you never cared about before.

Yes, success is all yours with the right mentor by your side. John has put immense effort in building out the website mentor nation podcast and more resources and tools for users to help them at any stage of their lives. If at all, even if you live a successful life and know life-hows, you can still leverage Mentor Nation Podcast to give back and help others. Trust us; it’s going to be a fun process, for sure. 

Best Podcasts with John Abbas:

  • 25 years old and given 2 years to live, with Erika Rich:

It’s one of the insightful and thoughtful podcasts from Mentor Nation Podcast that you should listen to. In this podcast, the host John Abbas, interviews Erika Rich, a 25-year-old suffering from Stage 4 breast cancer who has been given two years to live. 

Erica has been a healthy, very active individual with no cancer history in her family. Even after being diagnosed with cancer, she sounds so positive about life and seems to have a warm personality in the podcast. When most people get lost in doing hectic work and follow a crazy lifestyle, people like Erica remind us how short life is. She got cancer out of nowhere and still managed to stay happy and live a peaceful life in whatever time she had.

By listening to this podcast, users will become more aware of life, like things that really matter, and spending quality time with family. We may lose people in a blink of an eye. Erica was all healthy, super active, and a go-getter in her 27 years of life. In this episode, John asks some deep questions about her journey, wisdom, and how she made peace with her diagnosis. Listen to this episode to know yourself what life advice she has for you.

God had other plans, and Erica passed away in Feb 2022. But, her wit, laughter, and profound messages will live with us through the Mentor Nation Podcast. It is one of the best podcasts from Mentor Nation Podcast with John Abbas that you will find insightful.

  • Building a Massively Successful Company that’s also helping the Planet with Manik Suri:

Building a business from scratch and being a successful entrepreneur takes a lot more effort than one can imagine. Most companies make products that benefit their clients and generate profits. But very few companies focus on creating products/services that give back to society. In this Mentor Nation Podcast, John Abbas interviews one such entrepreneur Manik Suri, the founder, and CEO of Therma.

Therma is focused on combating climate change and minimizing food and energy waste by building the smart cold chain. IoT-powered temperature monitoring and analytics prevent food, product, and energy waste which are the leading drivers of climate change. Therma does this by partnering with national restaurant brands to supply chain leaders in food and healthcare to increase profits while safeguarding our planet. 

Therma products are used by many businesses worldwide, and they recently raised $10 million in funding to fuel their growth. Immersive yourself in listening to this Mentor Nation Podcast as Manik opens up about companies focusing on social good and growth is gaining more market share. 

Of course, there are a lot of takeaways from this interview that will be very beneficial for upcoming aspiring entrepreneurs. This Podcast with John Abbas is one the best podcasts you can tune in while you drive or on the go.

  • A Conversation with Writer and Film Star Ava Paloma:

Mentor Nation Podcasts with John Abbas are for everyone for a reason. Yes, John invites various people from diverse fields and interacts with them for better wisdom. Here in this episode, he interviews Ava Paloma, an actress, writer, and producer who made it big on the silver screen in 2021 with two feature films. The first film is Deadlock starring Ava and Bruce Willis, and the other one is The Scrapper.

In this Mentor Nation Podcast with John Abbas, Ava opens up her story, like how she got into the movies, why it takes time and patience to be successful in the film industry, and more. She also shares her funny story of how she ended up starring in Deadlock, which you don’t want to miss. Listen to this episode for exciting stories behind the making of full feature-length films. Isn’t it fun to get the sneak peek of the flimsy world that we always wanted to know?

  • Positioning Yourself as the Best with Dr. Jon Marashi:

It’s another Podcast from Mentor Nation that you don’t want to miss. In this episode, you will listen to John conversing with the famous Dentist Dr. Jon Marashi. No introduction is needed; Dr. Jon Marashi is a celebrity dentist who is the reason behind the most pretty smiles of every celebrity you can imagine. 

Dr. Jon Marashi is the dentist behind the stars like Tom Hanks, Justin Timberlake, Pink, Matt Damon, LeAnn Rimes, and more. How did a very normal young man who used to skateboard in his free time make it spectacular in dentistry? How did he position himself as the most trusted dentist to the most famous smiles on earth? You need to listen to this podcast to know all those exciting things. 

Listen to Dr. Jon’s story. Learn about his idea of building a reputed brand. Know about his strategy of setting himself apart from the rest of the dentists. Sit back, relax and enjoy the conversation.

  • The Skills and Traits Most Likely to Define Success with Elan Divon:

This Mentor Nation Podcast is all about the conversation between John Abbas and the best-selling author and the founder of Divon Academy, Elan Divon. Divon Academy helps people worldwide master life’s most essential topics that contribute to success in life, like mindset, emotional intelligence, and stress management. 

Elan was having lunch out with his girlfriend in Israel when they heard an explosion right near them continuously. A triple suicide bombing has happened right in front of them, killing a few and injuring many. That has become a life-changing experience for Elan. In fact, it was his life’s calling, and he started following his intuition. 

He started preaching to others the most crucial things he discovered in his life like finding your life’s purpose, how to hit your true potential, and how to live a fulfilling life.

mentor podcast with john abbas

Wrapping Up:

Listening to Mentor Nation Podcast with John Abbas is like conversing with all the ravishing personalities from every walk of life in your living room. It will be lively, profound, witty, and sometimes funny. In the end, it is full of inspiring stories and wisdom that will help stay motivated towards life!! Never underestimate the power of listening to the genuine thoughts and experiences of people!! It’s all that one push you need to kick start your life!!


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