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1 Locologic for grocery stores

Locologic for grocery stores

Introduction – In today’s technologically advanced world, it is crucial for supermarkets to give their customers a seamless shopping experience. Multiple chains can make it challenging to run the entire operation manually, which may compromise consumer convenience. Adopting online delivery tracking software for grocery stores is therefore essential if they want to easily manage tasks like billing, inventory, loyalty programs, customer relationship management, and more.


Modern technology has also enabled the development of powerful online delivery tracking software for grocery stores. They increase output and effectively lower inventory loss brought on by overstocking, expiration, shrinkage, and other factors. Mobile payments, which have made a little impression in the retail industry, are also made possible by these applications.


How to start a grocery delivery service –

A great business concept is to deliver groceries online. So, are you prepared to move forward? The easy actions you must take to launch your online grocery business are listed below. Following these steps may make you confident that your new internet business is carefully thought out, legally compliant, and registered.

  1. Strategic Planning – Before you launch your enterprise, you must create a business plan for your online grocery delivery service. You will become a successful entrepreneur through strategic planning.
  2. Identify the Target Audience – Anyone searching for services that save them time is the target market. Others include those with busy schedules and those who are not able to commute to the store.
  3. Use a business model – For an online groceries delivery service, use the e-commerce business model. Numerous e-commerce sites, like Amazon Prime, Instacart, and others, created their online grocery stores in a similar way.
  4. Create a strong brand – You must create marketing plans for your company that emphasize dependability, prompt grocery delivery, and excellent customer service. Your grocery store will stand out from rival operations if it has a good brand.
  5. Create an Online Presence – If you want your online grocery delivery business to succeed. Establish a webpage as the public face of your company. Customers will be able to learn more about your organization thanks to it. Check out the steps for creating an internet business. Utilize social media to draw in new clients and customers. All the capabilities that an online delivery store needs are on your website. Employ good online delivery tracking software for grocery stores.

Why is online delivery tracking software for grocery stores important –

These days, consumer needs are shifting quickly. Customers are better aware than ever, thanks to the availability of several information sources. As a result, they become more demanding. As a result, supermarkets and grocery stores must adjust fast to provide better customer service. Software for supermarkets can help with this. The main justifications for the popularity of online delivery tracking software for grocery stores are listed below –


  1. Software for supermarkets and retail stores can assist with billing. They aid in simplifying intricate and many calculations so that clients always receive accurate bills when they make purchases.
  2. For grocery store chains and supermarkets, automated inventory management is essential. It maintains ideal stock levels while keeping retailers and grocers updated in real-time about the accessibility of fragile and non-perishable goods. Additionally, it aids in preventing severe inventory loss.
  3. Grocery shop point of sale system for supermarkets aids in managing the store by offering a simple dashboard that shows real-time updates whenever an item is detected using a barcode. This further facilitates quick checkout.
  4. Retailers can reduce the amount of time spent billing each consumer at the checkout desk by using grocery billing software. This improves users’ shopping experiences and aids businesses in providing much more sophisticated customer service.

How locologic helps in online delivery tracking software for grocery stores –

Point of Sale – Locologic provides:
  • Modern and completely customizable POS system
  • realtime tracking
  • customer feedback
  • Touch/Mobile POS with Multiple Views
  • Flexible Promotions and Plans
  • Conversion factors for weighing scale integration (buy in cases, dozen, etc., and sell in pieces)
  • Aaptak internet ordering app
  • App for home delivery
  • Shift/Cashier System
  •  It also provides the shortest route map serving all the order destinations for faster deliveries.
  • Based on the new orders its load and the location, the software automatically suggests the best route, vehicle and the driver.
  • Various Payment Methods
  • PayTM, PayU, Mobikwik, Pine Lab, and Jio Money Expiry Prompt are integrated
Inventory Management – Locolgic provides amazing inventory management services for your grocery stores which include:
  • Batch- and MRP-specific stock
  • Add Items Using Excel
  • Fully adaptable Dead/Slow Moving Barcode Generation Stock management and reporting
  • Rate updates in bulk via Excel
  • The order status will contain details on the dispatch, shipment and out for delivery statuses whereas the delivery status includes the location details on where the package has arrived real-time.
  • Strict oversight of returning goods
  • Import purchases from an external Excel or text file
  • Integration of eCommerce
  • Templates that are pre-configured and have 16000+ SKUs added


Loyalty and Coupon Management – Locologic provides great management for your regular customers by providing easy-to-use loyalty and coupon management systems. The various features include:
  • Built-in loyalty program with customizable settings for point accrual and redemption
  • Brand- and category-specific membership options
  • Discount vouchers and gift certificates
  • Redemption of Points and Coupons based on OTPs with Manual Discounted Entry Approval
  • Customized Surveys and Recommendations
  • Integrating third-party loyalty programs with instant feedback at the point of sale


Reporting – Locologic provides the following features in extracting reports of your sale:
  • Template for already-configured reporting
  • Customizable report
  • Email reports from a mobile reporting app using Auto Report Mailer Power Reports
  • Export to HTML, Excel, or PDF


Accounting and Financial Management – If you choose Locologic for your online delivery tracking software for grocery stores, you also don’t have to worry about accounts management. Locologic takes care of it by providing the following services:
  • Simple and Customizable Accounting Module Cash/Bank Vouchers, Journal Entries
  • Cost Centers for Receivable and Payable Bills
  • e-File GST Returns with Balance Sheet, Profit, and Loss, Ratio Analysis
  • Create E-Way invoices.

About Locologic

Locologic is an enterprise solution for optimizing last mile delivery options for 3PL companies, retailers and e-commerce providers. Our last mile delivery platform is both fast and efficient. Locologic driver mobile app makes it easier for every driver to view the delivery details and update their status including proof of delivery. As soon as a delivery arrives, it is assigned to a driver depending on his or her availability which is either done manually or the system itself schedules them. The system makes sure that it provides the fastest route for delivery and the delivery takes place efficiently.

The system makes sure that it provides the fastest route for delivery and the delivery takes place efficiently. Thus the end consumer gets the products delivered at their home/office in time.

Conclusion – Entrepreneurs must be aware of its difficulties before launching an online grocery delivery business. The proposed online grocery business will work wonderfully in the current environment since the majority of consumers rely on online shopping. Learn how to use trends, technology, and strategies. You may simply offer your potential customers an online grocery business if you are well-versed in strategies and trends. Thus, you can take help from the innumerable and efficient online delivery tracking software for grocery stores by Locologic for your business. Locologic helps in last time delivery management.



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