What is Google Scholar?

Google scholar is the most popular academic search engine. It is a focused version of the regular Google search engine. It provides an academic output that involves reliable peer-reviewed resources. The database of Google scholar is jam-packed with thesis, peer-reviewed articles, journals, books, websites, theoretical properties, repositories and professional educational communities.

Most of the research work is drawn from reliable sources, and users are still advised to assess the resource’s credibility. Google Scholar ranks relevance when anyone makes a query about credibility. But the best part of Google scholar is that it is free and contains advanced search and filter search.

Customized search in Google Scholar

Google scholar offers customized search results, and they can be easily accessed through the search bar option. The settings menu is present on the top left side of Google scholar. Settings are divided into various segments to allow users to customize the result according to their requirements. Here are the sections included:

Search Result

Using the search result option, the user can control the search results for every page. Using the bibliography manager, they can open each search result in a new window browser and generate import links in BibTex, EndNote, RefMan, RefWorks.


The search option can be easily customized to create results in different languages. The search engine provides 13 various languages.

Link Library

Suppose the thesis writer has access to any library. In that case, the student can use the library’s name and access the link to open the full article.


Account setting will enable users to sign up or use previous search activities to provide relevant results.


Google Scholar comes with a button extension that needs to be installed separately. The button will enable the thesis writer to browse the paper for further browsing.

How to make the best use of Google scholar?

Most experts in thesis online help know various tricks to make the most use of google scholar. To make most of Google scholar and find more relevant results, these ideas can be helpful.

Effective keyword

Thesis writers must master the knowledge of using keywords, and the best idea is to avoid using long sentences for a query. Before starting the search, a list of unique keywords related to the thesis topic must be identified. The better use of keywords, better and more relevant search words will be provided.

Data preferences

The thesis writer can enhance Google Scholar by customizing the search by entering the range of years. In most cases, the thesis writers need more or less five years duration. Hence using the duration year will enhance the search result, and it will help to retrieve the most relevant and close results.

Efficient search option

The Google scholar system provides many search option tools, and thesis writers can effectively trim down the area of research. Using quotes can also help to enhance the quality of the search.

Using Boolean operator

It is a trick known only to experts from thesis help online. Google scholar effectively allows a user of a Boolean operator. Use of operators like AND, OR, NOT.

How Google scholar is ahead of average Google search?

Google Scholar is more focused on the area where relevant academic search results. But Google search engines do not always return the same quality result. Google scholar further filters the research results and helps find the most genuine ones. The relevance system further establishes actual results for the thesis writers. Hence, Google scholar provides more realistic results for the users.

Essential features in Google Scholar

The most important features of Google scholar are as below:


One of the major features of Google scholar is its area of coverage. It is a free search engine that can crawl through all free libraries supported by the reputed organization. They have a connection with popular ones like American Chemical Society Elsevier.

Linking to content

Google Scholar can quickly provide access links to access the entire text, and it enables the thesis writer to use the service with a proper credential.

Citation alert and support

Nothing beats the system of citation support and alert for the article. They were recently added to the search engine and added valuable features to the search engine.

Searching within the article

Google Scholar enables the user to switch between articles to draw a relevant report quickly. It helps find the essential keywords within the article or journal, and it enhances the usability of Google as the search engine.

Google Scholar vs competitors

Apart from Google scholars, academic search engines like Web of Science and Scopus provide information and bibliometric indicators for citation count. Document inclusion is different for all three search engines.

Understanding the fundamental aspects of services is needed for the search engines’ practical usability. Google scholar follows an inclusive and automated approach using scholarly indexing documents. The robot crawlers can quickly identify the academic web.

When it comes to the advantage of the coverage, Google scholar is inclusive and works with an unsupervised approach. It provides each article and finds the chance to rise on its merit. Google scholar is ahead of its competitors when comparative coverage testing is done. Google scholar, in most cases, is the source of the document.

Why Google scholar for thesis writers?

The advantage of the thesis writers in Google scholar begins with ease of searching. It is the most accessible research tool, and any keyword will return over 1000 search results. Besides, the authors will find the most relevant ones within the first or second page.

Besides, the article comes with an abstract, and it provides an overview of the entire work before the writer decides to access it. The citation of the article is available in various desired formats. In the case of a free report, the pdf format of the paper is available with a single click.

When it comes to reading the full texts, around one-third of the search result returned by Google Scholar are available as PDF files. Thesis writers can find it conveniently displayed on the right-hand side of the screen.

If the thesis writer needs only the abstract, Google Scholar is just the perfect tool. Such a tool provides the academic freedom to research at their will. It becomes easier for Google scholar to search and identify than many search engines.

Filter search options in Google scholar provide the thesis writer with more freedom to search specifically. They can search using years, keywords, choosing the language, range of years etc. The results contain around one-third of natural resources that align with the thesis writer’s idea or topic.
Find any research resource. For example, there are articles, reports, peer-reviewed journals, books, case studies, etc. The thesis writer can easily access any help they need, and using Doi links often makes finding the aid directly for journals easier.

Besides, like its regular search engine counterpart, Google scholar leads the internet search. As Google has the most extensive keyword collection, using other individuals’ keywords in different religions will enhance the search quality. The thesis writer can look for keywords in various online tools like Keyword Planner on Google Adwords without paying anything.

On sport citing option is readily available in google scholar, and the search engine stores the correction form of citation in EndNote tools. Now Google has made it even easier by bringing in the cite option below the details of the resource.

The other most crucial feature google has freshly included is that Google scholar returns the result with the findings on the left side of the page. Many of these resources will be inaccessible. But shorter links of those sources which will be working for free are added on the right side of the page. The paid links may have an alternative free resource where the writers can access them easily. In this way, Google scholar has provided support to their writers who do not have access to various paid search websites for a journal, thesis paper etc. It is the most underrated facility which Google provides to its users. With the use of the right keywords, relevant literature can be drawn.

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