Reception desk

Many Uses of a Reception Desk

Many important things happen at the reception desk counter of your business. Your customer is first greeted with a smile or an impatient employee. You hope your employee is friendly and gives your customer the impression that he or she is happy to see the customer.

Your customers want to feel at home, as they know they can easily switch to another company to do business with Office furniture Dubai.

Manufacturing company

No matter if you are a physician’s office, manufacturing company, Realtor office, etc., you always have competition. If your employees are not friendly at your Reception desk counters, you just may lose your customers.

Paperwork to fill out

Your customers are given paperwork to fill out at the reception counter. Your customers ask and receive questions at the reception desk. Many businesses only show their Reception desk furniture and the customer sees nothing else of your company. It is imperative that your reception countertop is pleasing to the eye, filled with a friendly employee or employees and helpful to the customer.

Reception counter

The reception area is where your customers are given any type of Reception desk information that they need. They may get brochures or business cards here.

It may also take forms of payment from the customer. You want to make sure you have an organized desk counter to handle this service.

Veterinary office

You may need one that is larger so that your customers can set their products they purchase from you on while they take out their wallet to pay you for the items. A Reception desk example of this is a veterinary office.

The vet will take the animal back to the examination room. Once the appointment is over, the vet may suggest medication, special diet food and another product to the pet owner.

Reception area and look

The pet owner will then walk out into the reception area and look for the food(s) that are needed for their beloved pet. The owner may place the foods onto the Reception desk counter while he or she waits for the medication and other items. The pet owner will appreciate having a counter to place all of the items on instead of trying to lug it around the reception area.

Depending on what your business is, will depend on the size of the reception desk counter that you will need. You may choose the shape of it as well. There are simple small reception desk counters, L-shaped desk counters and U-shaped desk counters.

How Your Reception Desk Reflects on Your Company

Different models

Every office has front counter furniture to invite likely customers as they walk around the working environment. There are different models of front counters and each sort shows something regarding the detect the workspace maintains. We will dissect various constructions that front counters of today appear in. What they show up as, how might they work, or even more all of, the things they tell your customers and your picture of your business.

Front counters

Front counters appear in many styles, but on the two furthest edges of the contact, you will find a little plain office workspace, and afterward again, you will find a gigantic amazing Reception desk walled objective situated custom workspace. The main style I will examine will be the tall astonishing particularly gathered front counter. This is the arrangement of workspace where it takes after your pushing toward a legitimate workspace to converse with a designated authority.

Judicial Desk

For that feeling, you have, we will as a rule refer to this style as a Judicial Desk. These workspaces are tall from the front side, consistently taking a gander at around 4 to 5 feet tall. The immense tall judicial model of workspace is more than a workspace; it might be a milestone to front counters. There is every now and again space for some different option from one secretary behind this style, in any case for the most part.

Fantastic workspace

A risen stage for the receptionists to have the choice to easily see out similarly as over the fantastic workspace. A phase down from the lawful workspace type is the little adjudicator. A little selected power is just a more unassuming, less sabotaging sort of the Judicial Desk. With this more unobtrusive style, you regularly don’t get the raised floor for your receptionists to plunk down on, nor can there be space for more than one secretary all things considered Reception desk.

Immediate opposite

Being an immediate opposite towards the Judicial Desk, you have an ordinary workspace. Something according to a PC work station workspace. Perhaps this is actually the style that directions with your enhancements better. However, routinely this style of workspace, just blends alongside various workspaces at work making it genuinely perplexed for your guests.

Avoid confusion

Guarantee expecting you utilize this sort, to truly isolate it in its own welcome locale to avoid confusion. More frustrating than the standard office workspace is to use a standard work area workspace. If it is at all in your monetary arrangement, assuming no one really cares either way, endeavor to avoid this. It fundamentally yells revolting.

Genuine compromised

The last model of front counter we will discuss will be the astounding table front counter. The spectacular table style is before long, how it sounds. This is a spectacular level table of a workspace. On this style, there are no cubbyholes, racks, or different levels towards the workspace. It is a level table. Notwithstanding, it is routinely a table in the phenomenal style, which implies it has the genuine compromised and front district.


Yet flawless

This style of workspace, is basic, yet addresses class quite far. Along these lines, take your pick. Dependent upon the look and feel you are seeking after for, you can go from Judge like and epic, to central yet flawless, to standard and overwhelming. An associate’s workspace can say an incredible arrangement concerning the business. Select well.

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