Xiaomi has proved to be the best android company when it comes to the best affordable smartphones. Xiaomi brings innovation and affordability in a perfect blend in the face of its new mobile phones. These Xiaomi phones are both affordable and of top-quality. When it comes to new mobile price in Pakistan there is none who can beat Xiaomi. Their products range from luxury items to the most pocket-friendly range without the slightest compromise on quality.

 We at MiStore.pk are proud to be the only official Mi exclusive online sellers in Pakistan. Our Xiaomi fans love to shop for Xiaomi from us and thus we are witness to how a newly introduced Xiaomi phone tops the market graphs within no time. Whether it be, Xiaomi’s latest mobile price in Pakistan or soon to arrive Xiaomi products MiStore.pk is the only shop stop Mi fans prefer. MiStore.pk is accustomed to serving Xiaomi with the lowest Xiaomi mobile price in Pakistan. However, today we are bringing forth the all embraced Mi 11 in comparison to the prevailing mobile tech market just to let you know what it is like to be a Mi fan!

Mi 11-The Best Camera Phone You Can Imagine Of

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Before you get me started on what Mi 11 is and why it is impossible to compete with it, let us get to know a bit more about our star of the night- The Mi 11. The Mi 11 is designed to deliver the ultimate android experience. The Xiaomi Mi 11 is no doubt the flagship phone by Xiaomi, and it has been successful in representing Xiaomi at its best. Mi 11 can be said to be the best camera phone of the prevailing mobile industry as it has all that it takes for you to become a professional photographer and videographer. Apart from that it has unmatched performance and quality to offer which is why our Mi fans droll over its existence. The Mi 11 is said to have broken the sales record soon after it was introduced in the Pakistan’s market and MiStore.pk stands affirm as the testimony! Here, I will brief you about the Mi 11 specificationsMi 11 camera and of course the breath-taking Mi 11 price.

Unbeatable Design, Unmatched Display And Unrivalled Performance

Starting off with the display and design of the Xiaomi Mi 11It is designed very delicately to suit the style of our elegant audience. Mi 11 has 6.81 inches of WQHD+ AMOLED Dot Display with the addition of being quad curved. With an exceptional design the Mi 11 has resolutions of 3200 x 1440 and 551 PPI. I do not want to brag about it but comparing its design and display to the OnePlus’s flagship smartphone the OnePlus 9 you will uncover some very harsh facts. The OnePlus 9 specification mentions that it has a display of 6.55” only with the resolutions of 1080 x 2400 pixels. Isn’t that astonishing?

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With that said, let us jump to this beauty’s performance. The Mi 11 is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 which is so far the best you can expect from android. Along with that, it has an operating system of MIUI 12 based on Android 11. Equivalent to the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Thus, in this gadget you get the latest technology packed till perfection. To provide you an uninterrupted experience, this fast processor is set right with the 4600 mAh(typ) battery that has a 55W wired and 50W wireless turbo charging. Yet again, the Mi 11 beats OnePlus here as unfortunately the OnePlus 9 review shows that it has a 4500 mAh battery to offer.    

A Lens To Cater All Your Professional Needs

Coming on to the Mi 11 camera, about which I should warn you beforehand that it is going to give you goosebumps! The Xiaomi Mi 11 camera is designed to deliver excellence and nothing else. It is meant to become the only professional tool fulfilling your visual arts needs and wants. Mi 11 has a triple camera setup to offer with 108 Mp main camera, along with a 13 Mp ultra-wide angle camera and a 5Mp tele macro camera. Allow me to be bold enough to say that it is incomparable to the OnePlus 9 camera as it has only a 50Mp main camera to offer. So let us just skip it and bring forth some other mobile brand to give a fair challenge. Fortunately, the Mi 11 is designed to be the best and thus we want to let our Mi fans know that with respect to the Samsung s21 Ultra specs it has an ultra-wide angle camera of 12 Mp!

Same Performance, Better Specs While Saving Rs.85,000/-

When keeping parallel the Mi 11 reviews and the s21 ultra review we may have to admit the fact that they are pretty much the same when it comes to performance and deliverance. However, to your surprise, Samsung s21 ultra price as per the prevailing market is said to be Rs.230,000/- whereas the the OnePlus 9 price is as per its far inferior features so its better to skip it. And with that said, let me shock you to the core by quoting the market price of Xiaomi Mi 11 which is only Rs. 144,999/- that means you get the same features and even more offered by the Samsung Galaxy s21 ultra along with saving Rs.85,000/- That is a huge amount of money to waste, if you ask me!

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Xiaomi believes in a healthy workplace competition. And our competitors are the ones who help us aim higher and thrive harder each day. We are more than thrilled to compare and improve with each passing instance. Hence, MiStore.pk being the official Xiaomi exclusive online store in Pakistan presents you with Xiaomi Mi 11 at the same market price but with a 3-YEAR warranty instead of only 1. But that isn’t all, we have a free Xiaomi Watch along with every purchase as a token of appreciation in return for the love you give us every day. Hope you enjoy your Xiaomi phone as you enjoy shopping at your favorite MiStore!   MiStore.pk being the authority Xiaomi restrictive online store in Pakistan gives you Xiaomi Mi 11 at a similar market cost yet with a 3-YEAR guarantee rather than just 1. Yet, that isn’t all, we have a free Xiaomi Watch alongside each buy as a badge of appreciation as a trade-off for the love you allow us consistently. Expectation you make the most of your Xiaomi telephone as you appreciate shopping at your #1 MiStore 



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