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A Micro ATM machine is a compact device that is used for basic banking transactions. There are over 650,000 villages in India and most of them were not connected with banking facilities till 2010.

To resolve this problem and to bring all underprivileged sectors of society onto the same baking platform, NPCI started AEPS service through which people can use banking using Aadhaar card and fingerprint authentication.

To explore this service, further NPCI started a micro ATM service that allows bank customers to use basic banking facilities through debit cards.

Now either you have an Aadhaar card or debit card, you could perform banking services without going bank or ATM.

Today not only in rural areas but also in semi-urban and urban areas people are using micro ATM machines to perform banking transactions and earn a commission.]

micro atm cash withdrawal
micro atm cash withdrawal

What is Micro ATM Cash Withdrawal?

Micro ATM cash withdrawal is the process of withdrawing money from a bank account using a micro ATM service.

By using a micro ATM machine a bank customer can withdraw money from a bank account. To withdraw money from a bank account, a customer needs only a debit card and PIN.

How does Micro ATM Cash Withdrawal Works?

To withdraw cash using a micro ATM you have to follow all the following steps as an agent.

  1. Connect micro ATM machine with a mobile app using Bluetooth
  2. Fill registered mobile number
  3. Check the type of transaction you want to perform
  4. Fill amount & submit
  5. Now insert the customers debit card
  6. Insert PIN and Submit
  7. If all details are legal, transactions will be confirmed
  8. Customers get the message of withdrawing money
  9. The agent has to give money
  10. Don’t forget to give the receipt of the transaction

So this is the step by step process of withdrawing money through a micro ATM machine.

How to Start Micro ATM Admin Portal?

To start the micro ATM admin portal, you need micro ATM software.

There are many micro ATM service providers in India. You can start with anyone and can make it a handsome source of Income.

I would like to suggest you to choose, Ezulix Software as one of the best micro ATM software and machine Provider companies in India.

A huge team of skilled professionals developed micro ATM software based on the latest technology.

Ezulix micro ATM software is highly secured, fast and easy to use. Along with the web, we facilitate you application that you can connect with a micro ATM machine and can make it a handsome source of Income.

By using Ezulix micro ATM, you can offer micro ATM cash withdrawal, balance enquiry, mini statement services.

You can start a micro ATM admin portal with Ezulix and can make it a handsome source of Income.

Why is Ezulix Micro ATM is best?
  • We provide you with fully customized, fast and secured micro ATM software & app
  • Our micro ATM machine has add-on mPOS features
  • The success ratio is high
  • You can easily connect with the mobile app
  • Earn the highest commission in the market
  • We provide you mATM device at the lowest price
  • 24*7 technical support

These are all the features of the Ezulix micro ATM machine and app that will help you to run your business smoothly and successfully.

Last Words

So here we learned about micro ATM machine, their services and how it works.

Along with this, here we discussed micro ATM software and application. You can start a micro ATM admin portal with Ezulix micro ATM software and app and can make it a handsome source of Income.

For more details visit my blog or request a free live demo. +91-7230086664


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