Miles Davis Album ‘Round About Midnight‘  Released In 1956 And The First Ever Album That He Recorded With John Coltrane. Miles Davis And John Coltrane Created One Of The Most Influential Jazz Albums Ever Made. So Today We’ll Learn About This Album And How The 2 Of Them Worked Together To Create A Masterpiece.

Round About Midnight, also known as Miles Davis’ album, was released in 1956 and is the first album that he recorded with John Coltrane. The album is considered one of the most influential jazz albums and it is often referred to as the “Blue Train” because the songs “Round Midnight” and “So What” were both played on the same train.

The album is divided into 2 parts. The first part contains 4 songs, and the second part contains 4 songs, so altogether there are 8 songs in this album. The album starts with a title track, and it is a track called “Round About Midnight”. The song is composed by Miles Davis and the lyrics are written by Johnny Mercer.

“Round About Midnight” is the first jazz ballad and it was recorded in 1956. The song talks about the problems of a girl’s heart, and in the song the woman tells that she is tired of her lover who is always traveling for work. This is the song where Miles Davis first collaborated with the saxophonist, John Coltrane.

The next song, “So What”, is another ballad and it was recorded in 1956. In this song the man talks about his own desires and dreams, and he also tries to convince the woman to stay with him and not to leave. There are also references to “Round Midnight” and the two men are trying to figure out the answer to this question.

The third song of the album is the first jazz instrumental. It is a track called “The Duke”. The man of the song is very strong, and he says that there is no way that he will stop. It is a fast-paced jazz instrumental, and the bass plays the main role in the song.

The fourth and the last track of the first part of the album is “Bags’ Groove”, a track that contains 2 pieces. In the first part of the song the man tries to get a girl to dance, but the girl has been drinking a lot.

The second part of the album is the second to last track. The fifth track, which is the last track of the album, is the longest track in flightless records album. It is a track called “Aura Lee”, and it is the only non-instrumental track of the album. The main theme of this song is the man’s love for his girlfriend.


There are 8 songs in this album, and these are the ones that we have talked about today. So, if you have been listening to this album then you have also listened to these 8 songs. In the first part of the album, we found 2 ballads, and in the second part of the album, there are 6 tracks.



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