A multi head embroidery machine is an electronic device used for creating embroidery designs. These machines work by sending commands to a computer. The computer then instructs the best sewing machine for sewing and embroidery to start stitching. This machine can stitch multiple threads simultaneously, giving your garments a beautiful finish. These machines have many professional features, including the ability to monitor the stitching process to make sure it is stitching correctly.


The HCR3 series of multi head embroidery machines is the most advanced model offered by HappyJapan. It has a servo drive that allows for faster sewing and a more durable construction. It has 1,2000 stitch per minute max sewing speed, a 68″ length, and a 62″ height. These machines offer many features that make them perfect for the high volume work environment. They are also extremely reliable and efficient.

The HCR3 1508 multi head commercial embroidery machine is the fastest and largest of the HappyJapan multi head embroidery machines. It has high-speed servo motors that provide quiet, vibration-free sewing. It also features a large sewing field and a user-friendly control panel.


The Highland multi head embroidery machine is a versatile commercial embroidery machine that features two, four, six, and eight embroidery heads. It comes with a memory of 80 million stitches and a maximum stitch speed of 1,000 spm. The machine features a larger standard sewing area (at least 18″ x 17″) and a raised table to aid ergonomics. A built-in middle thread guide reduces needle wobble by up to 60%.

For medium-sized embroidery shops that require a higher production rate, Highland multi-head embroidery machines are the best choice. They can also accommodate larger shops that need high-production machines. The Highland 1501 machine, which is a multi-head model, is one of the most affordable models. It has a 15-needle embroidery area as well as a 5-year warranty. This machine is also equipped with a 270-degree-wide cap system and a 2 million-stitch memory.


If you’re looking for a multi-head machine that will do a lot of embroidery work, look no further than a Melco. The machines of this company are widely used and require minimal maintenance. They are quiet, reliable, and built to last. These machines can also produce outstanding results for a variety products.

The EMT16X multi-head embroidery machine from Melco is a top choice for many companies. Its modular design offers many advantages over a standard fixed headset system, including increased manufacturing efficiency and higher rates. This machine can stitch up to 1,500 stitches per minute and has a variety of colour settings. It’s also very flexible, allowing you to start with one head and expand as you grow.

The Melco EMT16X multihead embroidery machine has another great feature: it can handle large embroidery orders with no impact on other embroidery machines. Multi-head production is possible because each embroidery head operates independently. There is little to no downtime.

Highland HCR3

The multi-head Highland HCR3 multi-head embroidery machine is a market leader in the field. This machine is available in two to twelve head configurations and offers exceptional speed for high volume production. High speed servo motors deliver quiet, consistent sewing of up to 1,200 stitches per minute. The machine also features an intuitive 10″ touch screen panel, which provides an integrated PC-based interface for ease of use.

The HCR3-1504 multi-head is the company’s most popular. It packs a lot of power into a small footprint, making it easy to work for many days. Its servo drive and reinforced construction make it the strongest four-head yet, with superior quality on a wide variety of materials. The machine also comes with a complete sewing kit, which includes two caps frames for each head. This makes it ideal to make personalized caps, sewingmachinemaster.com.

Highland EMT16X

The Highland EMT16X multi-head embroidery machine is built to provide superior performance and value. Its compact footprint is perfect for tight spaces. The embroidery field is 15.7 x 17.7 inches. The new small arm reduces space between the cap device (and the needle plate) and allows for a maximum sewing speed of 1,100 spm. The multi-head machine features a 40-million-stitch memory and 250-design memory. This compact machine is a great investment for production or contract embroiderers.

This commercial embroidery machine has a networked operating platform and an 8.4″ LCD display. The EMT16X can be easily set up to grow with your embroidery needs, allowing you to add extra heads as needed. It includes two-head frames, a gauge and a central thread guide. It also has a tabletop to improve ergonomics.

Highland Highland

If you’re looking for a multi head embroidery machine with a commercial-grade design, you’ve come to the right place. Highland’s multi-head machines are high-end and feature the most advanced technology to enhance your sewing experience. These state-of the-art machines have large sewing areas, unbreakable reciprocators and smart thread break sensors. They also feature laser design tracing. Highland offers a 5-year warranty as well as unlimited technical support.

Multi-head machines from Highland are great for high-volume embroidery shops. The RiCOMA four-head embroidery machine is another good choice. It includes a 5-year warranty, two-million-stitch memory, and a 270-degree wide cap system.

Highland Highland HCR5

A Highland HCR5 multi head embroidery machine has more than one head of embroidery for increased productivity and quality. These machines are generally more expensive than single-head machines, and require more work space. However, they can run non-stop for long periods of time while producing consistently high quality embroidery stitches.

Highland Highland HCR6

High-end features include large sewing areas, unbreakable rectors, smart thread-break sensors and laser design tracing. These features make Highland embroidery machines a top choice for professionals. They’re also available in a variety of configurations to suit your specific needs.

Multi head embroidery machines are more expensive than single-head models. They require a lot more space for installation. Multi-head machines are great for high-volume production because they can run for long periods of time and produce high-quality embroidery stitches.

Highland Embroidery Machines are part of the ColDesi line of machines. The versatile Highland HCR6 multi-head embroidery machine is commercial-grade and has many features.

Highland Highland HCR7

Highland offers a wide range of multi-head embroidery machines. This product line offers high-speed machines with up to 1000 stitches per minute. This model comes with a 270-degree wide cap system and a 5-year warranty. Its top-quality parts and exclusive features make it an excellent option for any embroidery shop.

This commercial embroidery machine is manufactured in Germany. It can be used with four, six, six, or eight embroidery heads. It has a memory capacity of 80 million stitches, and a maximum speed limit of 1,000 spm. The machine can stitch up to 70 x 360 mm for caps, and 405 x 395 mm on tubular goods. The machine’s border frame can reach up to 700mm in length. It also features advanced network functionality. This machine is ideal for production embroiderers or contract embroidery who have limited space.

Highland Highland HCR8

Highland multi head embroidery machines are a great choice for any small shop. These machines can stitch up to 1000 stitches per hour and have many unique features. They have a five-year warranty, a 270-degree-wide cap system, and a two-million stitch memory.

This machine is built in Germany and comes with two, four, six, or eight heads. It has a memory of 80,000,000 stitches, a maximum speed at 1,000 spm, and an area of 70 x 360mm to sew single motives. The machine has a raised table that allows for better ergonomics, and a thread guide in its middle. It also has a 60% decrease in needle wobble


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