Every company with multiple locations will strive to operate operations smoothly and efficiently. To run a successful multi-branch firm, you must keep track of daily sales, inventory, and cash flow. One billing software that includes billing, accounting, and inventory is sufficient for running multiple branches in different cities, states, and countries. Because accounting contains vital data to manage, businesses with numerous branches and retail stores will need to handle accounting more carefully. Business owners expect that accounting software in India allows them to understand the condition of all branches and outlets.

As a result, you’ll need to combine accounting software with management software for many branches. Branch-specific small business accounting software separates accounting data for each branch or organisation’s business location. Multi-branch accounting software controls all branches under the headquarters / central branch, allowing the main branch administrator or manager to handle all accounts related activities from a single location.

You can see the cash flow for each transaction and branch separately. All branch reports will get transmitted via cable to the central branch system. As a result, you can evaluate each branch’s total financial performance, which can help you improve all parts of your organisation.

Key Features of Multibranch Billing Software

Centralised data management:

Admin or authorised user accounts can manage all of your branch’s accounting/billing data centrally with multiple branch billing software. All data is easily accessible, and real-time synchronisation between the main area and other areas keeps you informed about what’s going on in each part.

Consolidated multiple branch sales

Administrators and authorised users have access to all branches’ consolidated accounts, which include the combined profit loss, balance sheet, trial balance, daily cash flow accounts etc. That can help you evaluate the overall performance of your organisation. Compare the consolidated reports to the combined records from previous financial years/quarters/months to see where you stand.

Business intelligence in real-time

Without switching branches, you can see all branch dashboards and reports. Simply click on the drop-down associated with any branch’s dashboard & reports to examine individual branch data from other parts. You can easily switch between areas and check. For example, you can determine which areas are lucrative and needs focus to increase sales.

Keep track of sales across all branches and retail locations

You can access your branches/outlets anywhere and check the live sale performance. You can enhance sales and customer happiness by looking at sales data with sales reports.

Changing branches

Switch between areas with a single click and see what’s in each branch from a central location. Switch to any part at any moment to obtain data.

Inventory management & distribution

You may track expired stock, reorder stock, and redistribute stock across branches using the Admin’s Head Branch account, which has access to all branch/store inventory information. You can keep track of how goods are distributed across branches and avoid stockouts in each of your retail locations. Inventory reports from accounting software for small businesses will assist each area in determining when and where merchandise got acquired. You can better arrange your inventory and increase revenue.


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